Choose Samsung business solutions. Our innovations and expertise are your advantage. Whatever your requirements or budget, your relationship with us will deliver results beyond expectations. You can benefit from our wide range of professional equipment, specialised departments and established partners working in unison for your business.

Samsung in Business

Professional technology that boosts productivity

You can increase your productivity with Samsung business technology. From fast, powerful and portable laptops to efficient printers, photocopiers and scanners, Samsung gives workers the tools to work faster and better as well as reduce bills and environmental impact.

Systems for a better workplace

Whether you’re setting up at a new location or upgrading your existing facilities, Samsung helps you to get up and running smoothly. You can trust us with your air-conditioning and security CCTV as well as telephone systems, fax machines, company mobile phones and other business communications necessities.

Superb services and support at every step

We know that mutual success depends on a solid professional relationship and a nuanced understanding of your business. Our Corporate Service Programme ensures you receive a tailored service that meets your unique requirements. Samsung and its range of specialised partners also offer expert technical support to guide you through any issues to a perfect resolution.

Reliable electronic components and storage

If you need to increase your business’s digital storage capacity, we provide external and internal hard drives including solid state drives (SSDs), optical disc drives (ODDs) and memory cards. Samsung also produces high-quality DRAM and SDRAM upgrades, as well as other memory solutions and computer parts.

Dazzling displays to present the big picture

Whether you need to work, entertain, instruct, or promote, Samsung professional display technology delivers vivid viewing. Our range contains business monitors and large format displays (LFDs), including interactive eBoards and outdoor digital signage.

Solutions for hospitality, catering and more

With great energy-efficiency, Samsung TVs are ideal for hotels and elsewhere in the hospitality sector. Meanwhile, our commercial washing machines are designed for performance and versatility. Businesses in the catering industry can also benefit from our professional equipment: Samsung’s commercial microwaves are robust and offer high capacity as well as easy cleaning.