To take great pictures, you don’t need to carry heavy camera gear, or grapple with confusing controls. The Samsung NX20 allows anybody to shoot pictures like a professional. No wonder that it was named ‘Advanced Compact System Camera of the Year’ by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA).

A history of success

The prestigious multimedia magazine association brings together the editors of Europe’s top 50 special interest magazines from 19 different countries. Samsung has a great track record at the EISA awards. Since 2009, we have won five titles: ‘Advanced Compact Camera’ two years in a row (for the WB1000 in 2009 and the EX1 in 2010), ‘Social Media Camera’ (the SH100 in 2011) and ‘Compact System Lens’ (for its 20-50mm lens in 2011). In 2012 it was the NX20 camera’s time to be recognised for market-leading innovation.

The next generation of high performance cameras

Since the demise of traditional film, photographers that wanted to take professional quality pictures had only one choice: expensive but cumbersome Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras. This is now changing as a new camera segment is rapidly gaining fans: mirror-less compact system cameras (CSC), that offer photographers DSLR-standard picture quality in a more compact and user-friendly format.

The industry leader: compact and connected

The EISA award proves that compact system cameras like Samsung’s NX series are now a genuine challenger to big DSLRs. So what makes the NX20 stand out? The EISA panel of expert journalists says that Samsung’s camera combines outstanding optical technology with a simple user interface; its “compact and lightweight SLR shaped body… houses a 20.3-million-pixel Samsung-built APS-C format CMOS sensor with a maximum sensitivity of ISO 12800”. In other words: a high-end sensor in a compact camera that delivers top-quality digital images.

The NX20 is also one of the first cameras to build straightforward picture sharing into a pro-standard camera. To quote the EISA committee: “the star feature is the built-in Wi-Fi that allows the photographer to email images or post them to social media sites directly from the camera.”

Making creativity portable

The needs of photographers of all abilities are changing all the time. Many fans of DSLR cameras want a more portable device, whereas owners of compact cameras would like to take top quality pictures. They were looking for a new kind of camera, like the innovative NX10 camera, which goes a step beyond conventional cameras and allows users to realise their true photographic ambitions.

Now the NX20 meets the needs of every user - from the DSLR professional to ambitious users of point-and-shoot cameras. It combines ease-of-use, low weight, compact form and DSLR-standard picture quality. The NX series was the first mirror-less camera system to use APS-C size sensors, which were especially developed by Samsung. In the NX20 this is pushed to a 20.3 Megapixels sensor that delivers images rich in colour and detail. With a 1/8000sec shutter speed it works in tricky light conditions, while 8fps continuous shooting guarantees that no moment is missed. All together, it makes the NX20 the ultimate portable tool. Photographers have complete creative control and won’t miss a moment.

The NX20 also leads the way with the i-Function lens system, its pioneering optical technology. Instead of fiddling with buttons on the body of the camera, photographers can use the focus ring on the lens itself to change settings like aperture and shutter speed. No need to take the eyes “off target”. The i-Function range, unique to the NX series, now offers nine lenses, including a 60mm F2.8 Macro lens for shallow depth of field on close-up shots, and an 85mm F1.4 ultra-fast teleprime lens for perfect portraits. Both come with a supersonic actuator (SSA) and Full Time Manual Focus, making them ideal for advanced photographers. The NX20 has an SVGA quality viewfinder, while the swivel display on the back sports a Super AMOLED screen.

Smart Cameras: the connected future

We live in a connected world. Samsung’s range of Smart Cameras is bringing wireless connectivity to photography professionals and fans alike. Now they can have it all: take great pictures, share via Wi-Fi and save them securely.

Combine the NX20’s superior image quality with Wi-Fi connectivity, and finally you have pictures in a quality that you’re proud to share – whether you post them on Facebook or email them to your friends. It’s the future of photography, and the NX20 is the world’s first compact system camera to make it possible.

The rapidly growing popularity of smartphones and tablets has been changing the world of photography. However, it hasn’t changed one thing: the quality and experience of a real camera cannot be replicated; in many ways it has become more valuable than ever. Smart Cameras combine the quality and speed of high-end cameras with the freedom of wireless connectivity. Your pictures won’t be left in the SD card anymore - forgotten and unseen. And Samsung’s engineers continue to bring innovation to the NX series – so watch this space.