The Curve. Everything else feels flat. The Curve. Everything else feels flat.

The Curve.
Everything else feels flat.


The latest TVs aren't like anything you've seen before, and you’ll notice the difference immediately. Curved screens are making their grand entrance into homes everywhere and changing the way you watch TV forever. Read on to learn how.

Contrary to what you may think, it’s not simply the stunning design that’s driving this transformation.

The Samsung Curved TV has actually been carefully developed to give you groundbreaking picture quality and a better viewing experience in all kinds of ways.


Deeper realism

Samsung Curved TVs are designed to make you feel much more involved and immersed in the action. There’s a greater sense of depth that makes it all that much more realistic, and that’s achieved through Samsung’s very own sophisticated Auto Depth Enhancer technology.*

How does it work? Auto Depth Enhancer analyses the picture on the screen and works out what’s in the background and what’s in the foreground. It then subtly adjusts the contrast in these different parts of the screen to make it seem more richly layered, making some things seem nearer and others farther away. It gives you a picture that’s incredibly natural, just like real life.


A wider picture

Another major benefit about Samsung Curved TVs is that they are designed so your viewing distance from all parts of the screen is the same, rather than the centre being nearer and the edges further away, as is the case with conventional flat screens. That means you get a great view, from every part of the screen with equal detail and clarity. To bring out the best in whatever you’re watching, Samsung have researched the average viewing distance** of most living rooms to create the perfect curve for TV viewing at its best.

That’s not all. No matter where you sit, you’ll enjoy a better viewing angle and wider field of view than a flat screen TV offers because the corners of the screen are closer to you. That’s the power of a curved shape: the screen almost seems to wrap around you and draw you into the entire picture.


Clearer images

As well as a deeper and wider picture, the new Samsung Curved TVs also give you a crystal-clear picture. This is because they offer better contrast levels. Unlike with flat screens, the light that travels out from your Curved TV is all directed towards you, from every part of the screen, because the picture is curved around you. That means very little gets past you, so you can see it all vividly, rather than certain parts of the picture looking washed-out.

Even the light all around you can affect the quality of the image you see on screen. That’s because it can create reflections. Samsung Curved Screens naturally reflect light away from you, which greatly reduces the number of reflections you see. That means you can see a much clearer picture.

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The light that travels out from your curved TV is all directed towards you, from every part of the screen."


Samsung’s panel, backlight and processor technologies all work together with the perfectly designed curve to provide the clearest images and most accurate and natural colours you've ever seen. The Ultra Clear Panel neutralises your room lighting so that it doesn’t dull the colours and black levels on the screen, while advanced dimming technology boosts colour, contrast and clarity even more. Fast-moving scenes stay sharp with no blurring thanks to clear motion enhancement. It’s all driven by a powerful quad core processor and cutting-edge LED backlighting technology.


Ahead of the curve

Curved screens have actually been around for a while. As far back as the 1950’s, cinemas have been projecting movies onto curved backgrounds for a very practical reason: it works better for widescreen viewing.

When projecting a film onto a flat background, the image often looked stretched and blurry at the edges, because light had further to travel before it reached that part of the screen. With a curved screen, the light doesn’t have to travel as far to reach these edges, so the picture looks much better.

Today this concept has been taken to a whole new level. It’s evolved to bring you wider viewing angles, pure and accurate colour reproduction, clearer images and a sense of depth you’ve never experienced before. All that is only possible on a curved Samsung screen. It’s been shaped for TV viewing at its very best.

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Wider viewing angles, accurate colours, clearer images and a sense of depth you've never experienced before."

Click to watch the Samsung Curved UHD launch event and see reactions from industry leaders who got up close and personal with the Curve.

*Only available on selected curved models
**Source: CMI Group, 2013 Home Visit Study (USA & Germany)

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