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Optimum efficiency, even during a cold wash

Your machine no longer has to gobble up energy to get your laundry clean! Eco Bubble washing machines don't need to wait for the water temperature to reach 40°C before they can wash your laundry efficiently. In fact, they offer the same washing performance at an average 20° lower. You can achieve the same washing efficiency with:

The eco bubble foam cushion

The foam cushion created by thousands of tiny Eco Bubbles protects your laundry from friction and shocks caused by the movement of the drum, helping your clothes to stay softer for longer.

Diamond care drum
The drum of a washing machine is perforated by hundreds of tiny holes which allow the water to be evacuated after a wash. The Crystal Care drum has a unique design - the holes are 25% smaller and more spaced out than a traditional drum for long-lasting protection of your laundry.
  • 1. All testing was conducted in accordance with the European standard IEC 60456, which sets out methods for measuring the performance of clothes washing machines for household use. Independent third party tests were performed on models WF1124 and WF0804. Internal tests were conducted on certain other models.
  • 2. The independent third party testing was carried out with a 4kg load on (a) a 40°C cotton programme and (b) the Super Eco programme at 15°C, both on Samsung washing machines, models WF1124 and WF0804.
  • 3. The exact energy savings with the Super Eco programme at 15°C will vary slightly depending on the model of Samsung ecobubble™ machine used.