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Energy savings of up to 70%

Wash your laundry at a low temperature and save energy! Lower temperatures combined with cycle times which are 10 minutes shorter mean that you can make energy savings of up to 70%, which equates to a saving of £220 over the product's lifetime.

Ecobubble programmes

The low temperature Ecobubble programmes cycle combined with the power of the cleansing foam means you can achieve optimum washing results whilst also saving energy.

A+++ Energy rating

As part of our continuing efforts to protect the environment and save energy, Samsung is delighted to offer you a range of washing machines which will allow you to reduce your energy consumption by up to 30% compared to a class A washing machine operating on a standard cycle.

Fuzzy logic control

Save time and energy! Thanks to its Fuzzy Logic control, your washing machine is able to automatically optimise the quantity of water used and the cycle duration according to the load in the drum.
  • 1. All testing was conducted in accordance with the European standard IEC 60456, which sets out methods for measuring the performance of clothes washing machines for household use. Independent third party tests were performed on models WF1124 and WF0804. Internal tests were conducted on certain other models.
  • 2. The independent third party testing was carried out with a 4kg load on (a) a 40°C cotton programme and (b) the Super Eco programme at 15°C, both on Samsung washing machines, models WF1124 and WF0804.
  • 3. The exact energy savings with the Super Eco programme at 15°C will vary slightly depending on the model of Samsung ecobubble™ machine used.