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Samsung Global Blogger
Keep up-to-date with all the latest news from the Olympic Games with the help of the Samsung Global Bloggers. Using Samsung smartphone technology, they will capture their London 2012 experiences and share these moments with fans from around the world.
UK Bloggers
20 years old
Hi, my name is Rory and I think The Olympic Games is without doubt the ultimate sporting event. As a rower, sport is my absolute passion and I spend much of my free time training and competing. With The Olympic Games only every four years, it makes it so much more special and I can't wait to get involved and help bring London 2012 to everyone.
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Rory Copus
Daniel Woodward
19 years old
Hi, my name is Dan and I'm a 19 year old swimming instructor in Gloucester. It's always been a dream of mine to play some part in The Olympic Games. This is my chance to as close to the action as possible. Being a Samsung Global Blogger, this is a great opportunity to share this truly momentous event.
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Daniel Woodward with the Olympic Torch
Lewis Styles
23 years old
Hi, my name is Lewis and I'm not the sportiest of people, but when it comes to watching the Olympic Games, I can't get enough. As we all know, the world has a lot of problems, but the Olympic Games brings nations together to share in the excitement and common interest of sports. I like to grab life by the horns and can't wait to get started as a Samsung Global Blogger.
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Lewis Styles
Harry Shiel
19 years old
Hi, my name is Harry and I am passionate about playing and watching all forms of sport. I spend a lot of my spare time playing football, squash, golf, and skiing. I'm also a very sociable person and enjoy going out. I believe that The Olympic Games will be a fantastic opportunity to introduce people to the positive benefit of sport and hopefully I can encourage more people to get involved.
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Harry Shiel with the Olympic TorchHarry Shiel stretching before the Torch Relay
Emma Sheldon
18 years old
Hi, my name is Emma and being a Samsung Global Blogger combines two of my passions; sport and writing. It also helps make my dream of becoming a broadcast journalist a reality. I have competed in a number of high-level sports and adore my lifestyle blog. I love London and can’t wait to take part.
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Emma Sheldon
Rachel Stringer
22 years old
Hi, my name is Rachel and I have been involved in athletics for the past 10 years and have represented England and Great Britain in the 800m. I think it's amazing that London is hosting the 2012 Olympic Games, as it will inspire so many people to participate in sport in the future. I simply can't wait to get involved and report on the atmosphere as a Samsung Global Blogger.
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Rachel Stringer
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    Find out what Team Samsung members have to say about London 2012.
  • Webisode Three
    Discover the top tips on video blogging from Mark Foster and Zoe Palmer.
  • Webisode Four
    Watch the SGBs interview their fellow compatriots competing at London 2012.
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    See the SGB teams in action. They have arrived in London and are hitting the streets.
  • Webisode Six
    Enjoy the fun as the SGBs check out Westminster, Borough Market and more.
  • Webisode Seven
    From the Crown Jewels to the latest street art, the SGBs get adventurous.
  • Webisode Eight
    Watch as Jamie Oliver sets the SGBs a challenge at the Samsung Pin Stores.
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  • Webisode Nine
    Watch the SGBs ask Jamie Oliver a few questions about sport, food & London 2012.
  • Webisode Ten
    Hear what the people of London had to say about the Olympic Games to the SGBs.
  • Webisode Eleven
    The SGBs explore some of London's more renowned attractions and areas.
  • Webisode Twelve
    Hear what the locals and tourists have to say about their London 2012 experience.
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    The challenge has been set. Watch as the SGBs do their best to raise money for charity.
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    From historical monuments to breathtaking parks, the SGBs discover more of London.
  • Webisode Fifteen
    From ancient roman sites to modern art, the SGBs continue to uncover London's secrets.
  • Webisode Sixteen
    The final day of blogging has arrived. It's time to see all the best bits from London 2012.
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Check out the videos, photos and blogs from Team Samsung and relive their London 2012 experience.