Short for columbite-tantalite, tantalite is an ore of the metallic element tantalum and columbite is an ore of columbium.
Tantalum has special properties such as good thermal conductivity and energy efficiency. For this reason it is used in the manufacture of
many portable electronic devices, including mobile phones.
Coltan is found in a few areas in the world such as Australia, Canada, Brazil and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
It is known that illegally mined Coltan from the Congo is contributing to intense political conflict in the region and causing significant harm
to wildlife.
SAMSUNG's Telecommunication Business has taken the following steps to ensure that our mobile phones do not contain materials
derived from illegally mined Congolese coltan:

- We do not purchase coltan directly from the Congo or from any other source in the form of raw material. A limited number of our
  component vendors do supply us with tantalum-based components.
- In cases where SAMSUNG does use tantal-based components, the company requires suppliers to take appropriate measures in order
  to avoid using tantalum sourced from the Congo region.
- We request that all vendors refrain from purchasing tantalum powder mined in the Congo and we regularly audit vendors to ensure
  compliance. Our component vendors inform us that they obtain tantalum powder from the U.S.A., Russia and Thailand, and not from the
- We are doing our best to use substitutes for tantalum-based components where possible.
de2 Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a measure of the rate at which radio frequency energy is absorbed by the body when using a mobile phone. The national and international standards impose upper limits on SAR.
All of Samsung mobile phones are designed to meet the standards.
Samsung produces mobile phones that carry Product Eco-Declaration (PED), a description of environmental features of all phones such as weight, energy consumption, and reusability. Samsung is continuously expanding the application of the system into more of its mobile phones.
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