Recycling is the first step toward environmental protection. That is why Samsung Electronics has actively participated in a recycling program for end-of-life electronic appliances. Through the program, Samsung is leading the efforts to create a recycling-based society where discarded products are reused as resources for manufacturing, and at the same time it is making great contributions to preserving the environment and using resources efficiently. When developing mobile phones, Samsung takes account of not only the performance, price, quality, and design, but also environmental issues that can arise in the manufacturing process.
Based on this principle, Samsung has introduced environmental consciousness into its entire production cycle from the acquisition of raw materials to product manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal. In addition, the company has participated in regional and national mobile phone recycling programs while following each nation's recycling practices.
Recycling Take Back Map
Samsung's Recycling Activities in Korea
phone3 Samsung Electronics established a nationwide system for collecting discarded electronic goods as part of its efforts to provide better services to customers. The system involves 130 Samsung Service Centers and Anycall Plazas throughout the nation. After collecting used mobile phones, Samsung uses its own transportation system to carry them to recycling facilities. In this way, discarded mobile phones are reused as valuable resources for manufacturing.
Samsung's Recycling Activities Overseas
phone6 In December 2002, Samsung signed a joint declaration to promote environmentally sound management of discarded mobile phones, a recycling -focused statement adopted within the framework of the Basel Convention, along with the other global top ten phone manufacturers. To put the agreement into practice, Samsung is participating in the Initiative for a Sustainable Partnership on Environmentally Sound Management of End-of-life Mobile Phones. Under the initiative, Samsung is making joint efforts with other mobile phone manufacturers to prevent used mobile phones from causing environmental contamination while promoting recycling of discarded phones. Also, in future, Samsung will continue to get involved in various international programs for recycling used electronic appliances.
As Chinese people become more environmentally conscious, more of them are taking part in recycling campaigns conducted throughout the nation, and Samsung is also keenly interested in them. Samsung signed the Declaration on Environmentally-Friendly Disposal of Used Mobile Phones in October 2003, which was prepared under the auspices of the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) of China. Based on the declaration, Samsung is implementing campaigns to raise people's awareness of the importance of environmental protection and encouraging the recycling of used mobile phones.
The Chinese government is expected to bring the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE), or WEEE China, into force in the near future. The act will focus on five major electronic goods including computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, and washing machines and will be in effect from 18 months after enactment. Today, electronic wastes are causing serious problems in China and the Chinese government fully understands the seriousness of environmental degradation caused by discarded electronic appliances. Against this backdrop, Samsung attended a public hearing on the introduction of China WEEE hosted by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and SEPA. In addition, Samsung joined forces with the Executive Committee of Foreign Investment Companies (ECFIC) to support the Chinese government's efforts to enact the recycling law.
Service teams of Samsung Electronics China installed collection boxes for electronic wastes at its 101 service centers in 60 major cities in China and has been implementing programs to recycle used cell phones.
In Europe, the WEEE Directive, a regulation designed to dispose of used electronic goods in an environmentally-friendly manner, took effect in August 2005, so all electronic appliance manufacturers in the region must build a collection and recycling system for end-of-life electronic products.
Samsung will also continue its efforts to recycle electronic products in an environmentally-responsible manner by building and operating an efficient end-of-life electronic product recycling system
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cellphone We are also taking part in Plug-In To eCycling with US EPA,
a voluntary waste product collection program
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In other countries, Samsung is negotiating recycling agreements according to each country’s schedule for the enactment of relevant laws and the establishment of recycling promotion organizations.
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