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Benjamin Smyth,

Samsung Mobiler, said:
"With features that allow you to manage messages, music and contacts, Kies ..."
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Benjamin Smyth,

Samsung Mobiler, said:
"With features that allow you to manage messages, music and contacts, Kies really is priceless"
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Alison Maclean,

Samsung Mobiler, said:
"Kies is a great way to sync your device"
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Husam Elfaki,

Samsung Mobiler, said:
"I no longer have to worry about manually archiving the contents of my device through a conventional file manager"
"Sync your device from your PC with the greatest of ease"
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The ultimate portable jukebox
Play, connect and share
Turn your mobile into a library
Get videos delivered to your mobile
Discover education
Discover the greatest apps
Transfer content from previous devices
Manage your device from your desktop
Enhanced multimedia messaging
Track your device from anywhere
Connect your devices
Connect with your family
The new way to type
A more advanced touch interface
Be productive on-the-go


Manage your device from your desktop
Kies allows you to effortlessly sync your contacts, calendar, content, and much more besides. It's a one stop desktop app that intelligently allows you to stay in control of your content at all times.

Sync your content wirelessly
No cables required. Just connect your device or tablet to any wireless network and tell Kies to sync your music, photos, and videos. You can even create playlists in Kies and instantly enjoy them on your device. What could be more convenient?

Get the latest firmware updates
Kies is the easiest way to ensure your device or tablet is always updated with the latest firmware, keeping your device as fresh as it can be.

Sync your contacts with Outlook, Google or Yahoo!
Want to import all your email contacts onto your device or back them up? Kies can sync with Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo! - the most widely-used email applications. You can also add and edit new contacts directly in Kies.

Back-up and restore all your data
With Kies, you can make sure that all the important info you carry around with you is safely backed up on your computer. You can also easily restore your previously backed up data to your device.

Use Kies on your Mac
The Mac version of Kies is now available! Manage your Windows or Android device the easy way on your Mac computer.

Buy Samsung Apps
Kies is your window onto a world of great apps. Explore the Samsung App store directly within Kies, choose the app you want to download, and have it ready to use on your device within seconds.
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