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Nikki Tweed,

Samsung Mobiler, said:
"Quick to respond and easy to use, and with a sense of direction as bad as ..."
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Nikki Tweed,

Samsung Mobiler, said:
"Quick to respond and easy to use, and with a sense of direction as bad as mine, this is absolutely essential for getting me around"
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Andrew McSweeney,

Samsung Mobiler, said:
"I never ever get lost. On foot or in the car my personal guide is always ready to show me the way."
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Kin-Hing Lo,

Samsung Mobiler, said:
"With the large and clear display, it makes your Samsung a great replacement for a dedicated GPS navigation tool"
"Get from A to B with maps, directions and more"
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Find out how to get there
Enter the address that you’d like to reach and Navigation will show you the way. You don’t need to take a separate sat nav device with you anymore – just the icon pre-installed on your phone or tablet.

Hear your directions
You can’t give all your attention to a screen when driving. Navigation uses speech synthesis to tell you where to go, so you’ll know where you’re going without taking your eyes off the road.

Find shops and services
Want to find the nearest petrol station? No problem. You can easily search for nearby shops and services, and then set them as destinations.

Speak and ask for directions
Thanks to your device’s speech recognition software, you can use your voice to set your destination quickly, without having to manually type it in and make potential typing errors.

Get traffic and roadwork warnings
Navigation helps you to reach your destination quicker by avoiding potential stumbling blocks. It can show you current heavy traffic areas and where roadwork is taking place along your route.

Find walking routes
Navigation isn’t just for drivers. If you’re travelling on foot, you can also get walking directions to where you want to go.

See a picture of your destination
Not visited a place before? You’ll know it when you get there. Navigation can show you a photo of your destination when you’re on your way, so that you can recognise it when you reach it.
Navigation is preinstalled on your device