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Alan Newton,

Samsung Mobiler, said:
"I love using Samsung apps. It's a nicer way to find and download apps ..."
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Alan Newton,

Samsung Mobiler, said:
"I love using Samsung apps. It's a nicer way to find and download apps that are specifically made for my Galaxy device"
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Andrew McSweeney,

Samsung Mobiler, said:
"No more searching through incompatible apps. Samsung Apps takes me straight to the best apps for my GS3"
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Dom Armstrong,

Samsung Mobiler, said:
"Samsung Apps offers the best apps for my device in one place"
"It’s so easy to find all the apps you’re looking for"
Download the best mobile apps
The ultimate portable jukebox
Play, connect and share
Turn your mobile into a library
Get videos delivered to your mobile
Discover education
Discover the greatest apps
Transfer content from previous devices
Manage your device from your desktop
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Samsung Apps

Download the best mobile apps
Samsung Apps brings you a huge selection of top mobile, tablet and TV apps, ranging from fun pastimes to useful tools. These apps have been extensively tested and reviewed to ensure that only the very best make it to your device.

Discover apps for everything
Thousands of apps are available from Samsung Apps. Our categories include Entertainment, Lifestyle, Health/Fitness and Productivity. We even have a dedicated S Choice category filled with the very latest Galaxy Note apps.

Selected one by one
So that you can get the very best apps, we work closely with sellers to make sure that their apps are suitable, compatible and perform well with Samsung devices. The apps are even virus tested too.

Get the greatest game apps
Samsung Apps gives you easy access to the most popular mobile and tablet games, including the Angry Birds© series.

Choose from paid and free apps
Samsung Apps lets you clearly browse selections of either paid or free apps for your device.

Download sounds and graphics
Samsung Apps helps you personalise your device or tablet. You can buy ringtones taken from the latest top 10 chart tracks, as well as screensavers, cool wallpapers featuring celebrities and much more.
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