Men Overtake Women in the Selfie Stakes According to New Research

Nov 28, 2013

Research for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom reveals the nation’s photo sharing habits

Men Overtake Women in the Selfie Stakes According to New Research
  • Men Overtake Women in the Selfie Stakes According to New Research
  • Men Overtake Women in the Selfie Stakes According to New Research
  • Men Overtake Women in the Selfie Stakes According to New Research
  • Men Overtake Women in the Selfie Stakes According to New Research
  • Almost double the amount of men compared to women admit to taking ‘selfies’ on their phones (17% of men compared to 10% of women)
  • Over a third of Brits have missed a great live moment whilst trying to take a photo on their phone
  • Just 26% of Brits primarily use their smartphone for making calls only
  • One in ten vain Brits love to take photos of themselves looking good
  • Over half of us immediately upload photos to social networking sites from our phones

  • Samsung UK today reveals that consumers are increasingly looking for more from their smartphones than just making calls, with photo taking top of the agenda when it comes to Brits choosing the ultimate phone. A survey of 2,000 people*, undertaken in association with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, provides a key insight into photography and photo sharing trends.

    The research reveals that we are a nation of boasters, with 41% of Brits saying that they like to tell their friends and family when they are at cool events and social gatherings and a further 19% admitting to enjoying the social recognition they get when their content is 'liked', 'shared' or 'retweeted'. Following the word 'selfie' recently being voted the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year**, it’s no surprise that 13% of respondents also share content on their smartphones because they enjoy taking good-looking photos of themselves – with 17% of men admitting to doing this versus just 10% of women.

    We're no longer using our phones primarily for making calls, with just 26% of Brits admitting to only ever dialling friends and family on their devices. Instead, we're increasingly using our phones to share photos of our lives with others. 52% of Brits admit to uploading photos from their smartphones immediately onto their social media profiles to share their content with friends and family. This is more prevalent in females, with 57% taking photos and sharing them instantly versus just 45% of boys.

    Specific features that consumers would like to see on their smartphone include a zoom lens (55%) and a range of different camera modes to help take the perfect shot, whatever the occasion (33%). The rise in 4G has propagated the trend for visual sharing, with 52% of people who own a 4G ready device saying that the faster speeds mean that they can upload photos and videos faster than ever before compared to a 3G network. Over a third (35%) of people admitted to missing a great live moment whilst trying to take the perfect photo, with a quarter (25%) of people wishing they had a better camera on their phone at a gig, 24% at a wedding, 32% on holiday and 15% at a sporting event.

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom camera was designed to help capture the perfect shot – wherever you are. Thanks to its 10x optical zoom lens, Wi-Fi connectivity and range of photo-sharing features, it's now possible for people to capture great memories, be it at a wedding, live gig or on holiday, in stunning quality and share them with the people that matter.

    *Research conducted by OnePoll on a sample of 2,000 people on behalf of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd
    **The Guardian, November 2013

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