Research from Samsung Reveals That a Quarter of Employees Would Give Up a Pay Rise for Flexible Working

Dec 16, 2014

Samsung survey reveals demand for flexible working is higher than ever; however there is still a ‘trust gap’ that prevents mobile working across many enterprises

• Over a quarter (28 per cent) of businesses don’t trust employees to work flexibly

• Nearly a third (31 per cent) don’t believe it is their responsibility to provide the tools to enable flexible working

• Despite this, over half (52 per cent) believe it could improve productivity

• However, 27 per cent of workers would choose flexible working over a pay rise

With winter well and truly upon us, the colder weather can play havoc with the transport system. With many UK employees affected by this and journeys to work often a challenge, having the ability to work flexibly can be crucial. Despite this, recent research from Samsung UK reveals that one in four businesses (28 per cent) do not trust their employees to work flexibly, even though over half (52 per cent) believed it could boost employees’ productivity.

When adverse weather conditions strike, employees struggling to get to work has an impact on personal productivity and that of the wider business. Advances in mobile technology means it’s easier than ever for people to work as effectively beyond the confines of the office, however, it appears that companies are still struggling to bridge the ‘trust gap’ between mobile working and concerns over employees’ ability to get things done outside of the office.

The study of 2,000 office workers and 200 business owners also found that almost a third (31 per cent) of business owners surveyed do not think they are responsible for equipping employees with the tools and processes for flexible working. This is despite new legislation that came into force this year giving every employee the right to request flexible working.

With 27 per cent of workers admitting they would opt for flexible working over a pay rise despite the expense of the festive season, it’s clearly something that UK workers feel passionately about. Similarly, the research reveals that many employers understand the benefits of flexible working and have the inclination to introduce it, but are prevented by lack of policy and funding. Unclear staff policies for flexible working remains an issue with more than a third (35 per cent) of businesses citing this as a major barrier to offering it, while a further third (30 per cent) said a lack of investment in mobile technology prevented them from offering flexible working as an option to staff.

Graham Long, Vice President of the Enterprise Business Team at Samsung UK comments: “Flexible working has come a long way in the last few years, but ingrained cultural attitudes for ‘being seen in the office’ or worries over productivity are commonplace, as this study reveals. There is clearly a huge appetite for flexible working, and during winter, it makes business sense for employees to be not only equipped with the tools to work wherever they may be, but also feel that their employers trust them to do so. With the winter weather now upon us, it's essential that UK businesses overcome the ‘trust gap’ to allow enterprises and employees to reap the benefits of a well-regulated flexible working model.’

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