Samsung Adds Premium Technology And Design To New Built-In Oven

Feb 05, 2013

Complete Built-in Oven solution offers flexible cooking space, premium features, energy savings and a sleek, intuative design

Samsung Electronics today announced the latest product in its line-up of home cooking innovations, its new Built-in Oven (NV70F7). This refined yet robust oven is designed specifically for consumers who have limited space in their kitchens, but are not limited in what they want to create in their kitchen.

With a large cooking capacity, it is ideal for people who want their oven to fit their lifestyle and adapt to how, when and what meals they need to prepare on any given day. While its removable Dual Cook oven divider makes it flexible enough for any busy household, the new Built-in Oven also boasts intuitive features and superior energy efficiency capabilities making it suitable for anyone looking to save energy, time and money.

"The Built-in Oven is a fantastic addition to our range of cooking appliances," said Robert King, Vice President of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland. "Our Dual Cook technology represented a new category of cooking product for the market when it was first introduced and satisfied a previously unmet need – that of customers looking for a multi-functional oven that allowed them to cook two completely different meals at different temperatures at the same time in the same appliance. With our new Built-in Oven, customers get all that and more."

Dual Cook™ innovation for flexible 3-in-1 cooking
Dual Cook™ technology is available in the new Built-in Oven, allowing consumers to save time and energy by cooking two different dishes at once at different temperatures and time settings. An easily-moveable divider in the internal cavity of the oven allows them to adjust the cooking space to heat only that portion of the oven, delivering the ultimate in oven customisation.

Essentially, consumers have the flexibility of three ovens in one:

  • With half-loading, people can position the divider to use just a portion of the oven, possibly for small, quick week night meals. Moving the divider to ensure that only the area needed is heated can reduce consumers’ energy consumption.
  • Dual cooking means the oven can keep up with the fast pace of many consumers’ busy lives by cooking two meals at once. The divider is positioned to create two oven cavities, allowing two items to cook simultaneously at different temperatures. The divider also prevents heat or odour transfer, so breakfast can be cooked for the family at the same time as dinner is slow-cooked for friends.
  • The entire 70L capacity of the oven can be used at times when more space is needed, such as at Christmas when a turkey or rack of lamb is being roasted.

Optimised cooking modes make meal time a culinary experience
The rich features of this new Built-in Oven include Optimised and Pro-Cooking Modes to help make even the most basic dishes, superb. A Pro-Roasting mode sears meat at 220 degrees Celsius and seals in juices before roasting at a lower temperature. Customers can choose from pre-selected roasting temperatures or select their own lower temperature for slow cooking to keep their dinner moist and juicy without overcooking it. An Intensive Cooking mode is also available to use when maximum heat is needed to cook a frozen meal. This mode operates all the oven’s heating sources at once to transfer highly concentrated heat to the food for an even heat-up.

Ideal for entertaining, the new Built-in Oven has two warming modes – one that keeps food warm until it is ready to be served, and one that warms plates.

Additionally, a Fan + Grill mode means people can get the best grilling results from inside their own kitchen, ideal for those occasions when limited space, bad weather or lack of time make it impossible to fire up the grill outside.

Added benefits include built-in systems that allow for quick heating and cooling of the oven unit. Through Samsung’s embedded Fast Preheating system, full power and temperature can be reached in the oven quickly, within only six minutes, depending on the desired heat level. The oven’s two-way cooling system is also designed to quickly cool down the unit.

Minimal, intuitive design
The subtle design of the Built-in Oven means it fits in with any décor someone may have in their homes. The sleek design gives any kitchen character but does not overwhelm a studio space or small kitchen. The handle and body of the oven are designed in simple form, with subtle curves enhancing the profile of the oven.

The new Built-in Oven is striking on its own or when combined with other built-in cooking appliances in Samsung’s minimalist Neo collection, featuring a uniform sophisticated design. In addition to the Built-in Oven, the hood, cooktop and microwave all boast aligned placement of control panels, curved handles and streamlined shapes to create a refined cooking space to meet any consumer need.

Samsung’s intellectual design goes beyond the exterior to the actual user interface of the oven. Based on consumer research, Samsung redesigned the user interface to match the way consumers actually think about programming an oven, in the order of cooking mode, cooking temperature and cooking time. Most conventional ovens typically display the sequence as mode, time and temperature, forcing consumers to adapt their thinking to the appliance’s interface. With the new Samsung Built-in Oven, there is no searching through complicated menus – everything is easy to access and makes sense for the way consumers think about cooking.

UK availability
The Samsung Built-in Oven will be available to buy in the UK from high street, online and out-of-town retailers in the first half of 2013. Pricing is subject to individual retailers.

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