Samsung Revolutionises Laundry Care Through New Smart Design Features

Feb 05, 2013

New ecobubble™ washing machine combines design, technology and curves to save customers energy and money

Samsung Electronics today announced its latest technology in home laundry care with the new Samsung ecobubble™ washing machine (WF70F5E and WF80F5E). This update to the current ecobubble™ appliance range, features a premium design, advanced technology and enhanced functionality updates, never before seen in a washing machine model. Designed to easily fit into and improve any lifestyle, the new ecobubble™ is a smart appliance that understands consumers and their homes.

Every inch of the Samsung ecobubble™ washing machine has been uniquely designed to improve the laundry experience. It is energy efficient and powerful, yet gently washes the most delicate of loads while fighting stains and protecting fabrics.

"Our award winning ecobubble™ technology has been extremely well received since it first launched two years ago and this latest model is a worthy successor to the original," said Robert King, Vice President of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland. "We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers revolutionary design, intuitive usability and outstanding performance with our latest range of washing machines."

Cooler water temperatures deliver energy efficiency and enhanced fabric care
Nothing is harder on clothes than putting them through the wash. The combination of hot water and fast spinning has long been a technique to get clothes clean, which results in quicker fabric deterioration and increased energy consumption.

Samsung's ecobubble™ washing machine changes that with its cool wash ecobubble™ technology, which uses a unique bubble generator that begins working as the normal cycle begins. Air and water are drawn into a bubble generator, dissolving and activating the detergent, which then penetrates faster and more evenly throughout the wash load. The bubbles generated, penetrate into every fibre in the load, to provide a more powerful cleaning solution at significantly lower wash temperatures, saving energy on every load.

Aesthetic design to complement any home
The settings on the ecobubble™ are controlled by simply turning a knob, with bold buttons that respond to the slightest touch and that were carefully designed to enhance the look of the machine. Specific cycle settings mean customers can tackle universal laundry needs, such as stain removal, more easily and effectively than they could before. The Stain Away feature is a pre-programmed cycle with settings that address a wide range of stains, including blood, cocoa, sebum, oatmeal, tea, wine, tomato, pencil lead, mud, makeup, lipstick, grass, etc. the ecobubble™ technology penetrates deep into fabric fibres to loosen soil from the fabric, effectively cleaning these types of stains in just one cycle and without the need for stain removal liquids.

UK availability
The Samsung ecobubble™ washing machine will be available to buy in the UK from high street, online and out-of-town retailers in February 2013. Pricing is subject to individual retailers.

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