Watch As One Curious Bear Tests The Cool Wash Feature Of Samsung’s ecobubble Washing Machine

Feb 01, 2013

Samsung Digital Appliances has launched a viral, created by The Viral Factory, to communicate the ‘cool wash’ capabilities of its Ecobubble range of washing machines to its customers.

Picture the scene. A cameraman is filming the set-up of a washing machine shoot in the snow-covered hills of Manning Park B.C in Canada, in a large clearing next to a frozen lake. As the team connects a feed pipe from the ice cold stream into the back of the Ecobubble, one of the crew members points towards a large brown bear which has emerged from the surrounding forest and is heading in their direction.

After retreating a safe distance, the crew watch on as the bear strips down to his boxer shorts and throws his brown coat into the Ecobubble, putting it on a cold wash cycle. After keeping himself busy while he waits by reading a newspaper and building a snowman, when the wash finishes, the bear pulls out his clean coat, which is now white, and puts it back on to reveal he is actually a polar bear. And it’s not long before word gets out, as the film ends by cutting to a line of brown bears waiting patiently to use the Ecobubble to wash their own coats.

Watch the drama unfold for yourself

Notes to Editor:

Samsung’s Ecobubble laundry products produce special bubbles which enable detergent to dissolve faster and deeper into clothes so they come out cleaner. And all on a cold wash, as the bubbles, rather than the heat, do all the hard work.

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