Watch as Thieving Monkeys Prove Samsung's Fridge Freezers Really Are "Easy In. Easy Out"

Feb 18, 2013

Samsung Digital Appliances has today launched a new viral, created by BETC London, to communicate the 'Easy In. Easy Out' functionality of its new combi fridge freezers.

The scene starts with a lone monkey checking out an advert in a magazine for a new Samsung fridge freezer. The camera then pans onto a quiet suburban neighbourhood, at which point a troop of monkeys emerge and begin scouring the street in search of something. They peer into one home to see the owner in her kitchen putting away her newly purchased groceries into her non-Samsung fridge freezer. It's all a bit cluttered inside and not at all well organised, so they move onto the next house where they find what they have been looking for. The very same Samsung fridge freezer the first monkey was looking at in the magazine.

After checking the coast is clear, the monkeys then break into the kitchen and proceed to raid the fridge freezer causing chaos. Taking full advantage of the Easy Slide shelf in the fridge and drawers in the freezer which open fully, the monkeys easily remove the contents and escape out of the window, leaving the fridge freezer empty when the homeowner comes in the retrieve something later.

Watch the drama unfold for yourself:

Notes to Editors:

Samsung’s RB29 and RB31 are available to buy now in the UK and feature an Easy Slide shelf that effortlessly slides in and out to enable more efficient organisation and a Full Open Box in the Freezer that can be pulled out fully, so you can store items corner to corner and take out large and bulky food items easily. It also has a Digital Inverter Compressor, which improves energy efficiency and cooling performance, a 4.5-litre non plumbed water tank and CoolSelect zone in selected models.

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