An incredible journey

The NX Rover Project


The NX Rover Project

About the experience

Ever wanted to shoot incredible events like the top professional photographers? Samsung and Getty Images have teamed up to make it possible.

You'll control the Samsung Galaxy NX camera online, in real time. It's like you're really there at the heart of the action. Frame your shot, choose your moment and take your picture. It's captured by the biggest sensor in its class and sent to you instantly via superfast 4G.


Shoot online and on location

So how on Earth is all this possible? Inspired by NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers, we built the Samsung NX Rover to transport the Galaxy NX camera to the world's most interesting places so you can see and photograph them in an entirely new way.

We put the Samsung NX Rover in the best position to shoot the action and give you complete control of the camera to take your perfect shot. After that, you can pick your favourite images to submit to the gallery and share with your friends.

Creating the Rover