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Samsung Goes Red

26th MARCH 2013

The Celebrate Success Awards is an annual red-carpet event where The Prince’s Trust recognises the
amazing achievements of young people across the UK, who have been supported by the charity. Held at
the Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square, it features seven major awards, including the Samsung Young
Achiever of the Year award. Check out the four finalists below and discover their truly inspiring stories.

Jayne Fletcher

I am sure that if I had not
become involved with the
Prince’s Trust my life would
have been very different.
Because of their support I am
much more confident and
have overcome many of my
personal barriers.
Due to bullying, Jayne lived a reclusive life. Her mental health was in decline and she possessed no self-belief. Going out was always an ordeal.

Born deaf, Jayne’s dream was to perform with artists and sign along to their songs. After finding out about the Enterprise programme, she eventually enrolled. Her initial trepidation proved unfounded when she was acknowledged by people who saw beyond her barriers.

Through a series of one-to-one sessions, Jayne focused on building her self-confidence and discussed her ideas for starting a business.

She left the course fully equipped for the world of self-employment.

With a high media profile, Jayne now leads a fulfilling life a million miles away from the vulnerable individual she once was. She has since achieved her dream of signing alongside musicians.

Because of the support she received from The Prince’s Trust, Jayne is much more confident and has overcome many of her personal barriers.
Lucy Hulbert-Brown

There is no doubt that The
Prince’s Trust has turned my
life around. By helping me to
deal with the difficulties and
trauma I faced in the past,
they have enabled me to look
towards a much brighter
Lucy supported her mother from a young age. Her life began to go steadily downhill when one of her brothers was taken into care and she felt she had failed.

Misusing substances, her schoolwork suffered and Lucy left with poor results. Later struggling to deal with a forced abortion during a negative relationship, Lucy overdosed.

Unemployed and suffering with depression, she joined the Team programme. As her confidence returned, she became a supportive and enthusiastic participant, instrumental in motivating others to complete the course.

By the end of the programme, Lucy was helping to lead and support the team.

Determined to follow her newfound direction, she volunteered with the Team programme in Bath as an Assistant Team Leader. Lucy has recently become a Young Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust.

Lucy feels there is no doubt The Trust has turned her life around. By helping her to deal with a difficult past, they have enabled her to look towards a brighter future.
Asfana Benozir

Hands on heart, if it wasn’t
for the support and
experience I received from
The Prince’s Trust, I would
most likely not be here today.
By the age of 12, Afsana’s self harming and violent mood swings impacted greatly on all aspects of her life.

Surviving two later suicide attempts, she received a psychiatric assessment and left education on medical leave. Any aspirations she had held soon disappeared.

After months of psychotherapy sessions, she revealed that from the age of six she had suffered serious abuse by a family friend.

Conflict at home prompted Afsana’s move to a safe house and it was here that a support worker saw her potential, referring her to the Team programme.

On Team, Afsana came to understand the importance of qualities like commitment and self-respect while learning to trust people again. Team gave her the confidence to complete a recent medical college course and she is currently volunteering as Assistant Team Leader for The Prince’s Trust. Afsana is now a Prince’s Trust Young Ambassador and will be applying to study medicine at university this year.
Stuart May

The Prince’s Trust has had a
very positive impact on me.
They gave me the confidence
and self-belief to do
something meaningful with
my life.
After a night out in Newport, Stuart found himself the victim of a particularly savage assault. Severely disturbed by the incident, he moved to his present location, Cardiff.

Initially living with family, he soon ended up in a YMCA after relationships deteriorated. With no one to ask for help, Stuart sank deeper into depression and soon started gambling. As the debts mounted, Stuart felt like giving up.

After hearing about The Prince’s Trust Get into Retail programme, Stuart was accepted onto the scheme. He experienced a significant boost to his confidence and relished training with others who didn’t judge him.

A work placement at a supermarket later secured him a permanent position, providing the security and structure he had been looking for.

Now living in his own flat, Stuart is working for The Prince’s Trust as a Job Ambassador, engaging with young unemployed people to help them find work.