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Uncover a world of learning, entertainment and possibility for curious little minds with our fantastic selection of child-friendly apps.

Kids can catch up on their favourite shows and movies or navigate through a magical kingdom of exclusive content, music, gaming and more. Plus, our most trusted technology-loving mums share their advice on the latest Samsung products and features.

Apps shown may not be available on all Samsung Smart TV products. The Samsung Smart TV platform is used by Content Providers to make apps available. Content Providers may remove apps from the Smart TV platform or stop supporting them at any time. When new Samsung Smart TV products are launched, there may be a delay before the apps shown become available on those products.

Parental controls

At Samsung, we’re as focused on your children’s safety as you are, so not only can you can have the peace of mind that all our apps are a family-friendly place to explore, your Smart TV Parental Control feature also allows you to restrict the content your child is allowed to view at all times.

To enable or disable the parental control feature follow the steps below:

  1. From the Smart Hub Home screen, touch the ‘Tool’ key on your remote
  2. Select ‘Lock’
  3. Enter your 4-digit PIN

Their favourite shows of 2015

As if you didn’t already know, we thought we’d share the top kids TV shows that have had your little ones (and plenty of parents) hooked in 2015.