"Sometimes as a photographer you have to predict the future. You need to try and see things before they happen. Be ready in position for when things do occur."
— Kevin Meredith

I've been an avid photographer since 1996 and went full-time around 2008. I have written two instructional photography books, ‘Hot Shots’ and ‘Photo Opp’, which have been translated into several languages. My client list includes Dr Martens, American Express, O2, The Sunday Times and Aardman Animation. I became known for using the Lomo LCA camera in the late 90s and as a user of Flickr in the first year it was launched.

I speak about the subject of photography at public events and have given talks at Google's HQ in California, MiniClick Brighton, PhotoForum London and BLAB Manchester. I run my own photo workshops in Brighton UK and also occasionally teach at several UK universities.

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Equipment Used

Galaxy NX


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