"I see the world in pictures and am always looking for the little things that make the everyday beautiful."
— Sara Tasker

Sara's first camera was a cheap plastic freebie, given to her by a fast food chain at her 8th birthday party. The viewfinder was a fold-out plastic frame and the body leaked yellow light into the bottom of every shot. She loved it. Since then Sara has progressed to some fancier kit, but still strives for simplicity and really good light above all else.

Sara's photographs have been featured on the Instagram blog and ‘pick of the week’ page, with features from lifestyle magazines. This year she has collaborated with big fashion brands and has some really exciting new ventures set for the coming months. It's most often the light that gets Sara reaching for a camera; a little patch of sunshine on the kitchen table or the haze on the hills in the morning. She's looking for a bit of beauty in the everyday, ideally when her toddler is asleep or distracted and her camera still has some charge!

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Equipment Used


  • Paul Thurlow

    I learned the basics at age 12 and have been taking photographs ever since. Now I specialise in fashion portraits and weddings, with a portrait studio in Portsmouth.

  • Kevin Meredith

    I've been an avid photographer since 1996 and went full-time around 2008. I have written two instructional photography books, ‘Hot Shots’ and ‘Photo Opp’.

  • Olly Burn

    Olly is a professional photographer based in London. His work combines his love of storytelling with travel, with his photography having taken him around the world.

  • Paul Calver

    Paul’s photographic career began after a skateboarding injury led him to decide to put the skateboard down and pick up a camera.

  • Sandra Ahn Mode

    Sandra has had a life long passion for photography from the day she got her first film camera for her 8th birthday.  Since then she has carried it around with her everywhere, upgrading it as years went by.

  • Robin Pope

    Robin's photography began in 2011 after a visit to New York City where he found inspiration from a fellow photographer. He used his camera to try and capture the perfect candid street moments, discreetly capturing people and situations.

  • Kensington Leverne

    Kensington is an exciting new talent whose passion for photography started early. His mum bought a camera to document his exploits in highschool. Back then, he captured lots of moments skateboarding with friends and messing about. At only 17, Kensington began shooting backstage at fashion shows. It became a big part of his life, and he still has photographs dating back years that need editing.

  • Mr Whisper

    For the last 6 years, he’s been exploring the possibilities of photography. But it wasn’t until late 2010 that he started to take it seriously. That’s when he joined Instagram – and he hasn’t looked back since.

  • Sophie Davidson

    Sophie remembers always having a disposable camera on holiday but her parents never developed the photographs - there's a drawer in her dad's house filled with the cameras. When Sophie was at school she joined the photography club which consisted of Sophie, one other girl and the physics teacher. They used to go on trips to junk yards and worked purely in black and white, developing and printing in a storage cupboard. Sophie really enjoyed the process and being in a dark room by herself instead of a noisy classroom so she carried on taking pictures.

  • Jonathan Daniel Pryce

    Jonathan's mother used to model in 70s London so had a portfolio of captivating images that he would pore over as a child. Jonathan first picked up a 35mm point-and-shoot at the age of 10 and has been interested in documenting the world around him ever since.

  • Rich Maciver

    Rich specialises in sportswear, fashion, sport and BMX photography. Authenticity and taking a natural shot are crucial to him. He has to make a connection and understand the subject so that he can recognise the perfect moment when the action reaches the pinnacle.

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