• Paul Thurlow

    I learned the basics at age 12 and have been taking photographs ever since. Now I specialise in fashion portraits and weddings, with a portrait studio in Portsmouth.

  • Kevin Meredith

    I've been an avid photographer since 1996 and went full-time around 2008. I have written two instructional photography books, ‘Hot Shots’ and ‘Photo Opp’.

  • Olly Burn

    Olly is a professional photographer based in London. His work combines his love of storytelling with travel, with his photography having taken him around the world.

  • Paul Calver

    Paul’s photographic career began after a skateboarding injury led him to decide to put the skateboard down and pick up a camera.

  • Sara Tasker

    Sara's first camera was a cheap plastic freebie, given to her by a fast food chain at her 8th birthday party. The viewfinder was a fold-out plastic frame and the body leaked yellow light into the bottom of every shot. She loved it. Since then Sara has progressed to some fancier kit, but still strives for simplicity and really good light above all else.

  • Sandra Ahn Mode

    Sandra has had a life long passion for photography from the day she got her first film camera for her 8th birthday.  Since then she has carried it around with her everywhere, upgrading it as years went by.

  • Robin Pope

    Robin's photography began in 2011 after a visit to New York City where he found inspiration from a fellow photographer. He used his camera to try and capture the perfect candid street moments, discreetly capturing people and situations.

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