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User Manual

8.16 MB, pdf, ENGLISH

28 Jun, 2013


tech specs

  • OS
    Android, 4.2
  • Display
  • Camera
    CMOS, 8.0MP
  • 4G

Dimension of GT-I9205ZKABTU

Network/Bearer and Wireless Connectivity

  • Infra
  • 2G
    EDGE / GPRS (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHZ)
  • 4G
  • 3G
    HSDPA 42Mps HSUPA 5.76Mbps
  • Wi-Fi
    802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4+5GHz
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Bluetooth Profiles
  • NFC
  • Connectivity Support
    DLNA, MHL 1.2
  • PC Sync.
    KIES, KIES Air


  • OS
    Android, 4.2



  • Technology
    Super Clear LCD
  • Size
  • Resolution
    1280 x 720


  • CPU Type
    Dual Core Application Processor
  • CPU Speed


  • Memory


  • Camera Resolution(Rear)
    CMOS, 8.0MP
  • Camera Resolution(Front)
    CMOS, 1.9MP
  • Flash
    Power LED (1EA)
  • Auto Focus


  • Sensors
    Accelerometer, Gyro-sensor, Digital Compass (Magnetic), Luminance (RGB), Hall, Proximity

Physical Specification

  • Dimension (HxWxD)
    167.6 x 88 x 8mm
  • Weight


  • USB
    USB 2.0
  • Earjack
    3.5pi 4pole, Stereo
  • External Memory Slot
    MicroSD (up to 64GB)
  • SIM Support
    3FF (Micro SIM)
  • Connector
    Micro USB (5V, 2A)
  • MHL


  • Standard Battery
  • Internet Usage Time(3G)
    Up to 10 hrs
  • Internet Usage Time(LTE)
    Up to 6 hrs
  • Internet Usage Time(Wi-Fi)
    Up to 12 hrs
  • Video Playback Time
    Up to 11 hrs
  • Audio Playback Time
    Up to 82 hrs
  • Talk Time(W-CDMA)
    Up to 17 hrs
  • Standby Time(W-CDMA)
    Up to 420 hrs
  • Standby Time(LTE)
    Up to 390 hrs


  • Location
    AGPS, GLONASS Support

Services and Applications

  • Samsung Apps
  • Music Hub
  • Readers Hub
  • Game Hub
  • ChatON, mFluent IM
  • ActiveSync
  • B-to-B Compability

Audio and Video

  • Video Format
    MPEG4, H.263, H.264, VC1, WMV7 / 8, Sorenson Spark, VP8
  • Video Resolution
    Full HD (1080p) Video Playback
  • Video Frame rate
  • Audio Format
    MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR, I-Melody, MIDI, WMA, FLAC, WAV, OGG, RA

Ask the Community

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  • jimboy 1 years ago

    I have read that some apps cannot be transferred to the SD memory and if you load apps that have to run on the internal memory, that it freezes the screen and needs to be rebooted, is this true as I am about to purchase one

    Describe the issue


    gbswales 1 years ago

    If this is like the S3 then 8GB is definitely not enough! Even with rooting you cant move apps to SD any more all you can do is switch the internal memory with the external and that is not reccomended as it moves more than just apps. If all you use are office type apps then it is probably enough but with a super display like this you are likely to download some of the better games which can eat away the MBs - even with my S3 which has 16GB memory I am down to about 1GB left (movies and music are on external SD this is apps and games) Remember Samsung will partition off about half the memory for android and system as well as putting loads of unecessary apps on the phone which can only be removed if you root it. This should come with at least 32GB of ram as STANDARD and before long serious gamers will be looking for 64GB ram or more thanks to google/samsung removing the ability to move apps to SD I would love this phone but with only 8GB absolutely NO WAY - come on Samsung do something about this please

    Describe the issue

    crociatolaw 1 years ago

    some apps must stay on the phone memory for safety of the operatimg sydtem. but Samsung partition that off usually and leabe you working memory to move apps from too. Every Samsung Android Smartphone I've bought (14) and still own 4 in the family all less than 6 months old.... all operate this way and memory is mot an issue. we do all our housekeeping on our phones regularly. clear old texts away if not needed. clear down phone logs. or even back it up to your pc via Kies. set the Vameta to save to external micro SD put all your music and films on thr external micro sd card. plus with MHL support just buy a £1.50 cable and run or avcess files like movies amd mudic from a usb stick giving even mote flexibility of memory. apps2sd is useful. but in settings app managing you can do thst anyway. never had screen freeze unless its a corrupt file not downloaded from google play Samsung market or Amazon market. Im buying one in a copule of weeks for my 10yr old for games n movies purposes and it'll be hreat for that.

    Describe the issue

    crocisto 1 years ago

    Spps can be stored on yhe ecpansiom micro sd card. and apps ca be moved too. plus store all your music and movies on external microsd card in the phone. also has MHL support so a small1 pound cable will let you playback or access even more from usb sticks too ;-) it'll hsmdle the apps no ptobl snd with the speed of processir will aldo outperform a lot of the competition and wiyj 4g too its future equipped for drmsndimg web users. I would not plsce amy weight on that remark of coping with memory...... all the best Baz :-)

    Describe the issue

    thering1975 1 years ago

    If you stay on stock software and play large games this would be true, theres about 4gb avaliable as some games take 1 to 2 gb that is an issue. If however you say"root" the device this shortly will not matter as apps will be moved to sd. If you are not playing major games like rr3 or gta then it should not be an issue

    Describe the issue

  • jackables 1 years ago

    i'm looking to upgrade, i love the size of the phone and most of its features but am worried about memory. i'm aware internal memory is rubbish but is the phone worth a 2 year contract if i use it for office purposes like call, emails etc...also music is a must.

    Describe the issue


    Samsung E-Support 1 years ago

    Hi jackables, You can look at all of the specifications of the device from the webpage: Also the handset will accept SD cards upto 64GB which you can use to store music. Thanks.

    Describe the issue

  • dave 11 months ago

    Describe the issue


    Samsung E-Support 11 months ago

    Hi Dave, This phone uses toughened glass rather than Gorilla glass. Thanks.

    Describe the issue

  • Milkybarkidda 9 months ago

    Describe the issue


    Samsung E-Support 9 months ago

    Hi, The Galaxy Gear can only work with devices running Android firmware 4.3 or higher. As the most up to date version of firmware available on the Galaxy mega is 4.2 the Gear watch will not be compatible with this. Thanks

    Describe the issue

  • shazerarb 1 weeks ago

    Where my wife and 4G sign should be sometimes theres an E and I cannot get internet signal at all? Anyone know why and what I can do to stop it?

    Describe the issue


    Jessica Thomas 4 days ago

    Hi, E stands for Edge which is a type of network connection that is not as strong as a 3G/4G connection. This appears when there is no 3G/4G network connection to your phone. Please speak to your network provider for more information on this. Hope this helps.

    Describe the issue

  • Acouca 8 months ago

    Can't find them on Windows XP ?

    Describe the issue


    Samsung E-Support 8 months ago

    Hi Acouca, Your query has come through to Samsung UK, where we can only deal with UK products. Please get in touch with Samsung in Canada where they will be able to assist you further with this. You can find all contact details on their website. Thanks

    Describe the issue

  • tee1073 1 years ago

    Cannot find in the Play Store, Samsung Apps or preloaded

    Describe the issue


  • Steve14 1 years ago

    Describe the issue


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