How do I replace the left and right doors on my Samsung Wine chiller?

Last Update date : 2014.04.04

Last updated, 05 February 2014




1.    Unplug the wine chiller


2.    Remove the two screws at the back of the TOP COVER.


3.    Open the door for 90 degrees then lift back of the TOP COVER approximately 5cm then slide it forward slightly but do not remove.


4.    Tilt the TOP COVER on its side.  Locate the power connectors at the front of the cover.  Disconnect each connector by pressing in on the locking tab on the side of the connector then pulling out moving the CAP TOP TABLE to the right side.  Set TOP COVER aside.


5.    Remove the CAP DOOR B RIGHT and CAP DOOR A LEFT on the upper side of the door with tools.


6.    Remove the scews on the HINGE UPP R.


7.    Set the door aside carefully then remove the scews attaching the STOPPER DOOR at the bottom of the door.


8.    Remove the STOPPER DOOR and GROMMET HINGE LOW and install them on the other side.


9.    Move the GROMMET HINGE UPP to the left side.


10.    Carefully lay the wine chiller on its back at less than 45 degrees.


11.    Remove the HINGE LOW R by removing the screws and levelling leg.


12.    Remove the levelling leg and spacer on the opposite side and install it on the right side.


Note: The left leg has a spacer that must be moved to the right side with levelling leg when the door is reversed.


13.    Find the HINGE LOW L and install it with the screws and levelling leg on the left side.


14.    Stand the wine chiller upright.


15.    Set the door on the HINGE LOW L then install the HINGE UPP L.


16.    Open and close the door checking the alignment of the door to the cabinet.  If necessary, loosen the screws attaching HINGE UPP L to the cabinet.  Realign the door and re-tighten the screws.


17.    Install the CAP DOOE B LEFT and CAP DOOR A RIGHT.


18.    Place the TOP COVER on the cabinet and reconnect the power connections.


19.    Open the door at 90 degrees and slide the TOP COVER back in place and replace the two screws.


20.    Plug in the wine chiller and reset the controls to the desired settings.



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