How do I connect my Samsung television to my set top box such as a Sky Digital or Virgin Media set top box?

Last Update date : 2016.09.09

Begin by connecting your set-top box to the back panel of your TV. Although it is possible to connect via other methods, we recommend connecting your set-top box using an HDMI cable to the HDMI1 connection.

Next, ensure that your IR extender is plugged into the IR OUT socket at the back of your TV. This will allow you to change the channel on your set-top box using the standard TV remote.

If you are connecting your TV to the internet via a wired network, ensure you have plugged in your LAN cable.

IR    Lan1 

Next, check that your TV is plugged in and turned on. You can do this by pressing the power button on the remote. Use the cursor keys to highlight menu items and press the Enter button to make a selection.

If you are setting up your TV for the first time, the initial set-up screen will appear shortly after it powers on.

1. Select your language, then select Next (>)


2. Select Channel Source, then Set-top box

Channel Source 

3. Select Source and choose the HDMI port which your Set top box is connected to.


4. Select 'Network type' and which method you are using.

In the below example, we have selected No Network.

If you are connecting to a wired or wireless network, your connection will be tested and you may be asked to enter your Wi-Fi password.

Network Type 

5. Choose Set PIN, and enter a four-digit PIN using the number buttons on your remote. Note that if you do not set a PIN, the default PIN will remain as 0000

Set PIN 

6. When you have finished setting your PIN, select the Close button.


7. Select the Next icon (>) to progress to the next step.


8. Now select the service provider for your set top box, then select Next (>)

service provider 

9. Ensure that the IR extender cable is connected to your TV and set-top box, then select OK.

Set top 

10. Press the channel up or down buttons on your remote to test that it is working correctly. There may be a slight delay before the channel changes.


Select Yes to confirm that your Set-top box changed the channel.

11. Select OK to complete the setup.

Complete setup 

You can return to the set up menu at any time by pressing the Menu button on either of your remotes. Then choose the System menu item, followed by Setup.

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