Charging the SS75** Series Vacuum Cleaner

Last Update date : 2011.11.25

1. Install the charger on a flat surface and then plug the power cable into the 240V wall outlet.
2. Turn the power buttons of the main body and the handy cleaner off.
- The battery does not charge when the power button is on.
3. Connect the handy cleaner to the main body. (When the main body and the handy cleaner are not assembled, the stick cleaner does not work.)
4. Install the cleaner with the charger aligning the charge pins of the cleaner with the charge terminals of the charger.
- The charging lamp is turned on.
5. While charging, the charge lamp is turned on. If the cleaner is separated, the lamp is turned off.
- Even if charging is complete, the lamp does not turn off or change to another color. This is not a problem with the product.
- Make sure to turn both power buttons ‘Off’ and then charge the battery.
[Note] :
Charge the product in the following cases.
  - When using the product for the first time after purchasing it or after not
  using it for a long period.
- When the battery is old and the suction power is weak.
When you charge the cleaner after purchasing or using it, charge the product for approximately 4 hours before using it.
To charge the battery fully when the battery is discharged takes approximately 4 hours.
If you separate the cleaner from the charger, the battery is naturally discharged.
- It is recommended that you keep the cleaner connected to the charger. (However, if you are going on a business trip or holiday, disconnect the power cord of the charger from the wall outlet.)

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