Revolutionary Features,
Remarkable Productivity

More freedom, more multitasking and more productivity—on your terms. Discover the convenience of the S Pen plus the powerful mobility of the Galaxy Note 10.1.

Explore the Galaxy Note 10.1

Meet the Galaxy Note 10.1

Boost productivity and drive success with the Samsung Galaxy Note™ 10.1. Featuring the freedom of the S Pen plus the power and mobility of the smartphone and tablet, multitasking comes easier than ever before.

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Crystal-Clear Video

Discover the advantage of full HD 1080p video in a powerful tablet. Watch important presentations, video conference with colleagues or wind down with your own in-flight entertainment. Working hard never looked so good.

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The Powerful S Pen

How about the ease of pen and paper but the power of the tablet? With the S Pen, you can write notes and letters, comment in the margins of e-books and sketch with remarkable accuracy—without uncapping a single pen. Whether it’s the boldest lines or the finest details, the S Pen is the revolution in your mobile life.

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Powerful S-Pen
  • Work in one window while viewing content in another with Multiscreen.
  • Capture handwritten notes and pictures into S Note™, then edit and share them.
  • Write directly on 150,000 e‑textbooks with the Kno™ app.

Maximize Productivity with Multiscreen

The Galaxy Note 10.1 boosts your full HD video with the freedom of MultiScreen functionality. That means you can watch video on one side of the tablet screen while taking notes on the other, so you can do two things at once—whether it’s work and play, or just working smarter.

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Superior Performance,
Maximum Storage

Featuring a cutting-edge quad core processor, the Galaxy Note 10.1 brings blazing-fast browsing, image editing, file transfers and downloads everywhere you go. Plus, with the built-in microSD slot, storage capacity is expandable to save—and carry—all the files you could ever need.

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>Superior Performance
  • Android™ 4.0, Ice Cream
    Sandwich + Samsung TouchWiz

    Allow for easy multitasking and
    customizable home screens.

  • Powerful Quad Core

    Delivers a faster user experience.

  • The MicroSD™ Card Slot

    Gives you the freedom to
    add even more storage.

*Screen images are simulated.


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