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See how our ideas push boundaries in both the design and function of your home.

Our Philosophy

Effortless Design & Function

Can simplicity be captivating? Can functional be beautiful? The answer is what sets us apart. We've found that "larger-than-life" doesn't have to take up an entire room, and that purposeful design can transform your lifestyle.

Boundless Possibilities

Our Take on Less Is More

Embrace letting go. Cut and simplify. It's how our products give you more. A virtually edgeless bezel removes the line between reality and entertainment for a more immersive experience. An effortless curve gives you more to admire even when the TV is turned off. Cut away at the distinction between practical and stunning to experience the essence of design.

  • The curves of the Arc Flow Stand add minimalist elegance to any room.

    Model shown: LED F8000

  • Fluid curves meet bold straight lines for a design that’s effortlessly simple, yet radically modern.

    Model shown: PN64F8500AFXZA

  • Discover a timeless design that makes the Samsung S9 Ultra HD TV a beautiful piece of art.

    Model shown: LED UN85S9AFXZA

Remove instead of add, as most beautiful things in life are simple.

Gyunghoon Kim, Head Designer, Samsung Product Design Group

Robust Sound, Compact Design

Our Way of Balancing Your Space

Streamline your space while you elevate your entertainment experience. Our audio systems blend premium sound with design and flexibility that complements your lifestyle.

  • Compact speaker portability meets wireless connectivity.

    Model shown: DA-F60

  • Bi-directional speaker system design ensures beautiful sound and appearance however you position it.

    Models shown: Sound Bar HW-E750, 8000 Series LED

  • Classic analog vacuum tubes deliver warm, enveloping sound and a soft glow to match.

    Models shown: Sound Bar HW-E750, 8000 Series LED

I try to create designs that can reflect users lifestyles and interact with them.

Minhyouk Bu, Principal Designer, Samsung Design Group

Sound & Design In Harmony

Our Composition of Balance

Look to the past to create something that's future-forward. It's how we found ourselves developing a hybrid analog and digital amplifier. Let what's inside inspire what's outside. Warm, rich music flows from a classic, cherry wood dock, creating a seamless harmony between sound and design.

Wireless Audio System with Dock DA-E750 (also available in black)

Glass Fiber Speaker

High-end looks with a hi-fidelity sound. Glass fiber speakers enhance depth and clarity for a more immersive experience.

Vacuum Tube Amplifier

It's music to your ears and your eyes. A soft glow emitting from the vacuum tube is as warm as the music it plays.

Built-in Woofer

A big sound without the bulk. The woofer may be hiding underneath the dock, but its rich, deep bass lines give it away.

put tube technology and Samsung’s styling together, though, and the results are quite striking


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One of the most classically beautiful audio docks we've tested.


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this set looks almost like it’s entirely picture… one of the nicer looking TVs we’ve seen


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