Vacuum Tube & Digital Amplification

The warm richness of a tube amplifier.
The power and precision of digital technology.
Two greats, in perfect harmony — one incredibly natural sound.

Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

A Classic Sound

Full-bodied harmonies that envelop your ears. A wave of sound so life-like, you feel like you’re in the recording studio. It’s the combination of analog and digital, and we’ve set the stage for its comeback.*

Digital Sound Wave

Hard clipping and cold.

Analog Sound Wave

Rounded & smooth without clipping.

*Not available in all models.

  • A Musical Masterpiece

    Vacuum Tube Digital Amplifiers

    Now give your digital music the best of both worlds—clarity and warmth. By combining the natural, rich sound of analog tubes with the power and efficiency of a digital amplifier, your music plays fuller ranges with no active induced clipping and nearly no distortion.

  • A phase plug-in design adds depth and clarity to your music.

    Glass fibers enhance every musical detail through their anti-vibration capabilities.

    Hi-Fi Heightened

    Glass Fiber Speakers

    It’s studio-like sound quality right in your home. Glass fiber speakers seamlessly collaborate with the vacuum tube and digital amplifiers giving your music amazing depth and clarity.

  • Warm, Rich Harmonies

    Analog Vacuum Tubes

    Immerse yourself with an incredible high-fidelity sound. For over 60 years, analog vacuum tubes have had a loyal following due to their ability to produce a warm sound that stays true to the music.

    Why Music Lovers Favor Analog

    Warm Notes: Low frequencies produce a warm, enveloping sound. Analog tubes capture and produce these frequencies

    Natural Sound: All sound is naturally analog, which is why analog tubes produce amazingly true sound.

  • A Sound Design

    The soft glow from the tube amplifier complements the warm music it plays.

    See Sound Illuminated

    ON OFF

    Model Shown: Wireless HW-F750 Sound Bar with Vacuum Tubes

  • Innovation In Surround Sound

    The Home Theater’s vacuum tube amplifier brings wonder to your eyes—and your ears.

    Model Shown: 5.1 HT-F6500W Home Theater System with Vacuum Tubes

  • Warm, Rich Harmonies

    The Digital Amplifier gives you the amazing sound quality of a traditional tube amplifier in a compact size.

    Model Shown: Wireless Audio System with Dock DA-E750 (also available in black)

  • Deep Vibes

    The downfiring woofer underneath the dock enhances every detail with deep, rich base lines.

    Model Shown: Wireless Audio System with Dock DA-E750 (also available in black)

  • Dual Docking

    Connect your Samsung Galaxy devices and iPhone/iPad with a single docking station.

    Model Shown: Wireless Audio System with Dock DA-E750 (also available in black)

put tube technology and Samsung’s styling together, though, and the results are quite striking


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One of the most classically beautiful audio docks we've tested.


See the full review of the DA-E750 Audio Dock on Digital Trends far the best looking audio dock out there, with support for AirPlay and Bluetooth


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Wonder to Your Ears

Home Theater (HT-F6500W)

Hear every detail of your favorite scenes like never before with analog and digital amplifiers.

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Optimize Your Sound, Automatically

2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Vacuum Tubes (HW-F750)

Experience warm, natural sound in a beautifully sleek and slim metal sound bar that complements any room.

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Classic with a Modern Twist

Samsung Audio Dock (DA-E750)

Vacuum tubes and digital amplifiers compose an immersive for any of your MP3 players.

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