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The best of analog, digital and wireless combine to bring your music to life.

Rethinking Wireless Audio

Wireless Audio allows you the ability to send your music and gives you the freedom to put your music wherever you are. Connect your mobile devices and play stored content from a PC or laptop. Activate the Soundshare Mode and wirelessly connect to select Samsung TVs and hear your programs in rich powerful sound.  The DA-E750 takes wireless audio to the next level.

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Wireless streaming from all your mobile devices

For the first time, the Wireless Audio System with Dual Dock allows you to wirelessy stream music from both Apple and Samsung Galaxy mobile devices and play stored content from a PC or laptop with AllShare Play and Airplay.



With SoundShare you can stream audio from select Samsung TVs to the wireless audio system. Listen to your favorite movies, shows and music in high quality sound.* *Soundshare available on DA-E670/E750/E751 audio docks and with Samsung LED series tv ES6500 and up and E550 Plasma series tv and up.



Stream CD quality music using Bluetooth 3.0 from any compatible Bluetooth device.



The range of music sources that you can enjoy is widened to those of USB memory, external hard disk, MP3 Player and PMP. (Supporting music file formats: MP3, AAC, WMA).

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Innovation in Sound

Glass Fiber
Speaker Design

The Premium Samsung Speakers are the perfect complement to your high-end listening experience with their unparalleled sound clarity. This sound system produces hi-fi sound quality thanks to it’s phase plug design and glass fiber material. The combination of these two features delivers improved sound depth and clarity.

Analog meets
Digital Sound

Analog + Digital — The warm richness of a tube pre-amp. The power and precision of digital amplification. Two greats, in perfect harmony — one incredibly natural sound. Now, give your digital music the best of both worlds — warmth and clarity. By combining the natural, rich sound of analog tubes with the power and efficiency of a digital amplifier, your music plays fuller ranges with no active induced clipping and nearly no distortion.

Down-Firing Woofer

For a richer deep bass sound, the built-in down-firing woofer will fulfill almost any of your audio needs. The woofer has been cleverly integrated under the unit to deliver a deep, rich sound without the bulky size or need to purchase additional components.

Classic Sound

Vacuum tube amplification creates full-bodied harmonies that envelop your ears with a driver which reproduces a full range of the audible frequency. You’ll feel like you are at the symphony or a rock concert.

Vacuum Tube &
Digital Amplification

A wave of sound so life-like, you feel like you’re in the recording studio. It’s an analog vacuum tube pre-amp, and we’ve set the stage for its comeback.

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Elegant Design

At first glance you’ll be amazed at the overall look of the Samsung E-750 Wireless Audio Dock. The sleek finish and natural cherry wood makes a bold presentation in any room. The top panel displays the vacuum tube housing. The back has a descrete dual dock. The front panel holds two tweeters and two mid-range glass fiber speakers and on the bottom you hear and feel the powerful woofer.

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The elegant cherry wood finish and distinctive design will
stand out in any setting.
The dual dock is discreetly placed in the back and ejects with
just a push of a button.
The down-firing woofer adds a rich, warm bass to fill
your room with sound.
The glowing analog tube pre-amp adds as much presence to the Audio Dock as they do to the warmth of the music.
All of the finishing details highlight the sound including
chrome speaker mounts.
Also available the DA-E751 with all of the specially designed
features and sound but in a black wood finish.
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put tube technology and Samsung’s styling together, though, and the results are quite striking

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…by far the best looking audio dock out there, with support for AirPlay and Bluetooth

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