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As one of the world's leading companies, Samsung has a strong corporate responsibility to the communities we operate in our home country of Korea and around the world. Our work with animal companionship, assistance and welfare programs is one meaningful way we give back to those communities and one of the only programs of its kind led by a multinational corporation.

At Samsung, we believe the relationship between people and their pets helps make the world a less stressful, more caring place. Our programs, including an employee dog adoption center; guide dog school; working dog breeding center; and detector dog and rescue dog operations , bolster this outcome by connecting people with dogs that can better their lives.

For more information about our dog-related programs, visit mydog.Samsung.com.

Samsung Canine Center for Companionship (SCCC)

Samsung operates a kennel facility where dogs are carefully bred and then adopted by specially selected Samsung employees who provide loving homes for life. SCCC is home to many smaller breeds, including Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Toy Poodle, Chihuahua, and long coat miniature Dachshund, that are best suited to apartment life in Korea. SCCC staff has trained with some of the UK's top breeders in order to understand the care needed for individual breeds. Samsung has also invited representatives from leading animal welfare organizations to the centre to advise on all aspects of Samsung's canine programs. This training ensures that the dogs remain healthy and happy - our primary focus.

Samsung Assistance Dog Services and Samsung Guide Dog School for the Blind

Samsung's Assistance Dog centre trains dogs that provide assistance to people with hearing impairments and those undergoing therapy. The center is a member of Assistance Dogs International (ADI) and International Association for Human Animal Interaction Organisation (IAHAIO).

Samsung also operates and finances Korea's first Guide Dog School for the Blind, which since 1993 has helped people with visual impairment regain independence and become more active members of society. In 1999, the school was granted full membership status to the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF). Samsung Guide Dog School also played an instrumental role in promoting guide dog partners' public access legislation and works with the Korean Human Right Commission to prohibit discrimination against guide dog partners.

"My guide dog Daeyang is more than a guide dog that helps me get to where I want, when-ever I want. He is a friend on whom I rely physically, emotionally and psychologically, and to whom I will be forever grateful. All those who work at the Samsung Guide Dog School have a single goal of working to help the visually impaired. For that single goal, I feel as though I will always have a strong support mechanism that will be there for me when I need it."

Ms. Sook Yun Jeon, teacher and Samsung Guide dog user since 1997

Samsung Working Dog Breeding Center

Samsung Working Dog Breeding centre was modeled after top guide dog and other breeding centers around the world to increase the ratio of successful breeding; hone and develop quality scientific procedures and techniques; and share gene pools from various organizations around the world. The center breeds German shepherds for rescue work, Labrador and golden retrievers for guide dog work, and English Springer spaniels for detector dog work. The state-of-the-art facility boasts a main whelping room and a breeding kennel with three puppy rooms and eight maternity care rooms.

Samsung Detector Dog and Rescue Dog Operations

The Samsung Detector Dog Centre works closely with the Korean military, police and emergency agencies to train dogs to detect narcotics and explosives. Once training is completed at Samsung specially designed facilities near Seoul, Samsung loans or donates its trained dogs to the authorities and provides ongoing training assistance.

Established in 1995, the Samsung Search and Rescue Dog Center (SSRDC) is one of the world's leading search and rescue dog association. SSRDC has taken part in a number of international rescue efforts, including the 1999 earthquakes in Taiwan and Turkey. The Center works closely with the UK's Search and Rescue Dog Association (SARDA, Lake District) for the latest training methods and techniques, as well as Korea's rescue service, fire, police and military squads and other independent rescue organizations.

During a 24-month training period, dogs are taught obedience, social skills, search and rescue techniques, debris and wilderness searching for live and dead bodies, and tracking. Trained dogs can assist in national emergencies such as building collapses, avalanches and airplane accidents.

For more information about Samsung's animal related programs, visit websites below.