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Winning Papers
Prize Classification Name Degree Title
Gold Prize MINSEOK KIM Ph.D Microfluidic Multiplexed Immunohistochemistry System for Personalized Cancer Therapy
Gold Prize WOOHYUN NAM Ph.D Automatic and Robust Intra-operative Registration of 3-D B-Mode Ultrasound and CT Images Using Vessels and a Surface of the Liver for Image-guided Intervention
Gold Prize MINHO PARK Ph.D An Efficient Scheme for Multiple Group Key Management
Gold Prize YOUNGKI BAIK Ph.D Vision-based SLAM Enhance by Particle Swarm Optimization on the Euclidean Group
Gold Prize BYUNGWOOK YOO Ph.D Fabrication Technology and Characterization of Through Wafer Interconnects (TWIn) Using Borosilicate Glass Reflow in Boron-doped Silicon Substrates
Gold Prize SEUNGWOO LEE Ph.D Directional Photofluidization Lithography
Gold Prize CHOONKI JANG Ph.D Automatic Code Overlay Generation and Partially Redundant Code Fetch Elimination
Gold Prize CHUL KIM MS A 105dB-Gain 500MHz-Bandwidth Amplifier and a Current-Sensing circuit for Amplitude Modulator in 65nm CMOS
Gold Prize ISAAC KANG Effect of Planar Caudal Fin Joint Position on the Efficiency of Robot Fish
Gold Prize YEONWOO PARK Recombinant Escherichia coli as a deliverer of Human Epidermal Growth Factor: A New Perspective on Synthesis and Delivery of Medicinal Proteins
Silver Prize HYUNGIL KOO Ph.D State estimation in a document image and its two applications
Silver Prize YIREUN KIM Ph.D Page-Differential Logging: An Efficient and DBMS-independent Approach for Storing Data into Flash Memory
Silver Prize JAEMOON KIM Ph.D A Lossless Embedded Compression Using Significant Bit Truncation for HD Video Coding
Silver Prize JEONGHO AHN Ph.D High Precision Interferometer Using Multiple-pass Optical Configuration and Passive Nonlinearity Compensation Method
Silver Prize JANGGN YUN Ph.D Three Dimensional Si Nanowire STacked ARray (STAR) NAND Flash Memory
Silver Prize KYOUNGMIN LEE Ph.D Enhanced Maximum Likelihood Grid Map using Recycled Incorrect Sonar Measurements
Silver Prize KYUNGHAN LEE Ph.D Max-Contribution: On Optimal Resource Allocation in Disruption Tolerant Networks
Silver Prize KUGSEUNG LEE Ph.D Ir-core/Pt-shell and Ir-core/PtRu-shell nanoparticles as electrocatalysts for direct methanol fuel cells
Silver Prize TAEHYUNG LEE Ph.D Implantable Nerve Stimulation System for Functional Regeneration of Injured Nerve
Silver Prize HYUNGMIN LEE Ph.D An Integrated Power-Efficient Active Rectifier with Offset-Controlled High Speed Comparators for Inductively-Powered Applications
Silver Prize HYUNSU JUNG Ph.D Carbon Nanotube induced Alignment of Liquid Crystal under very low magnetic field
Silver Prize MINSU CHO Ph.D Hierarchical Clustering by Seeking PageRank Authorities on Graphs
Silver Prize SANGWON CHOI Ph.D On Adaptive Beamforming Techniques for Multi-user Multiple-input Single-output Fading Interference Channel
Silver Prize HYUNDOO HWANG Ph.D Optoelectrofluidic Immunoassays for Simple, Fast and Automated Detection of Human Tumor Marker Using Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering
Silver Prize YULEE KIM MS The optical and electrical properties of CdS/CdSe lateral heterostructure nanobelt
Silver Prize JUHYEON SHIN MS Application of moth-eye nano-patterns in photovoltaic system for anti-reflection and self-cleaning effect
Silver Prize KYOUNGGUN LEE MS Study on post dipping method to fabricate a microlens and microlens array
Silver Prize SEUNGKU LEE MS A filter synthesis method for dual-band filters with completely independent passbands
Silver Prize DAWOON KIM Characteristics of Mineral Mg Dissolution Sensor in Edible Water Sensor using GMR-SV Device
Silver Prize YOUNGWOOK LYOO Obtaining bounds on the prime counting function by integrating integer polynomials
Silver Prize YOUNGJHEEN PARK Study on the fabrication of a Ni-micromesh having vertical walls for improving super-hydrophobic characteristics
Silver Prize JIYOUNG SONG Phenolic compounds and greenhouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum) resistance in transgenic tobacco with expression of PAP1 (production of anthocyanin pigment 1)
Silver Prize KYEONGYEON LEE Mouse Control with Non-Invasive EEG Signals
Silver Prize SOONHYUK HONG The Quantitative Analysis of Hydrogen Peroxide in Sea Food using Dandelion Bio-sensor
Bronze Prize KISOO KIM Ph.D Electronic Structure and performance of Alkali Metal Doped Tris (8-hydroxyquinoline) Aluminum
Bronze Prize SUNGWOONG KIM Ph.D Large Margin Discriminative Semi-Markov Model for Phonetic Recognition
Bronze Prize JAEGEUK KIM Ph.D FlashLight: lightweight flash file system for embedded systems
Bronze Prize HYUNSIK KIM Ph.D Novel approach to the uniform hematite nanocapsules and their peculiar function as anode materials for high performance lithium ion batteries
Bronze Prize JUNGHYUN PARK Ph.D Reduced-Complexity Leakage-Based Precoding for CoMP in LTE-Advanced Systems
Bronze Prize CHANGHYUN PANG Ph.D Nano-Velcro: High Adhesion-Hysteresis with Strongly Attachable and Easily Detachable Nanohairy Locking Induced by Van der Waals Force
Bronze Prize SI BUI QUANG TRAN Ph.D Analytical Study of Hemispherical Meniscus Oscillation with Anchored Edge on a Conductive Flat Plate under an AC Electric Field
Bronze Prize MINJUNG SON Ph.D Hedcut Illustration using Guidance Textures
Bronze Prize JUNHO SON Ph.D Enhancement of light extraction efficiency in vertical-structure light-emitting diodes with MgO pyramids structure
Bronze Prize BONGJUN YEOM Ph.D Biomimetic Synthesis of Artificial Nacres Based on Enzyme-Assisted Biomineralization
Bronze Prize JUNGKI RYU Ph.D Biomimetic Synthesis of Transition Metal Phosphate Nanotubes for Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries
Bronze Prize JIEUN YU Ph.D Cooperative Bridges: Topology Control in Cooperative Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Bronze Prize KYONGSIK YUN Ph.D Spatiotemporal dynamics of high-level cognitive decision making: an MEG study
Bronze Prize KWANGCHAN LEE Ph.D A PLL-based High-Stability Single-Inductor Multiple Output DC-DC Buck Converter
Bronze Prize MYUNGJUN LEE Ph.D All-optical slow-light system based on Brillouin scattering enhanced cascade micro-ring resonators
Bronze Prize BYUNGKEE LEE Ph.D Wafer-level vacuum packaging for MEMS devices with nanoporous columnar Cr
Bronze Prize SEONKYOO LEE Ph.D A 1 GHz ADPLL with a 1.25ps Minimum-Resolution Sub-Exponent TDC in 0.18µm CMOS
Bronze Prize JUYUL LEE Ph.D Optimal Energy-efficient Policies for Hard-deadline Scheduling over Fading Channels with Causal CSIT
Bronze Prize JAEWAN JANG Ph.D A Low-Overhead Network Mechanism for Virtualized High-Performance Computing Systems
Bronze Prize JAEHO JANG Ph.D Gray Image Enhancement by Subband-Decomposed Multiscale Retinex With Hybrid Intensity Transfer Function
Bronze Prize YEKEUN JEONG Ph.D The Fastest Bundle Adjuster using Block Structure, Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient, and EPIs
Bronze Prize HYUNHO JUNG Ph.D Structural analysis on binding mode of a voltage-sensor toxin to lipid membranes
Bronze Prize SUNGYOUNG CHOI Ph.D Microfluidic Multimeter to Measure Hydraulic Resistance and Molecular Rheology
Bronze Prize KIHYON HONG Ph.D Change of interface dipole energy with deposition sequence of tin-oxide hole injection layer and copper phthalocyanine
Bronze Prize KIDUCK KIM MS A 10-bit Bit-inversion Cascaded-dividing Current DAC with Dynamic Reference Current Calibration for Large-Size AMOLED Column Driver
Bronze Prize EUNJIN YOON BS Dry etching for MEMS having a high aspect ratio structure using HF in supercritical CO2
Bronze Prize GYUTAK KIM Development Hangul Compress Algorithm based on Huffman Encoding
Bronze Prize JIYEON KIM Discovery of cancer invasion-specific marker proteins using mass-spectrometric analysis
Bronze Prize DONGHYOUK PARK A thesis about roadside soundproof grove for effective
Bronze Prize HYUNJUN WOO Development of Nanofiber-shaped MnO2 Electrochemical Capacitor Utilizing Polymer Nanofiber as a Template
Bronze Prize DAEGEUN LEE Wavelet-based Non-Local Means Filtering for Speckle Reduction in SAR images
Bronze Prize SUKYUNG LEE the effect of protein Cdr2 with unknown function on cell death in hypoxic situation
Bronze Prize YUMIN LEE Study of removing heavy metal from wastewater
Bronze Prize JINSEOK LEE Object and Heat Detection by Isothermal Images
Bronze Prize CHANGHYUN CHANG bioremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-polluted soil
Honor Prize JEONGHUN KWAK Ph.D Design and Device Performance of Highly Efficient Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Colloidal Quantum Dots and Organic Materials
Honor Prize JUNSEOK KWON Ph.D Visual Tracking Decomposition
Honor Prize DAESIK KIM Ph.D Calibration of a Structured Light System with Known Camera Intrinsic Parameters
Honor Prize MYUNGSOOK KIM Ph.D Solid State CO2 sorbents using Hydroxylated Amidines
Honor Prize YUNHA KIM Ph.D Catalytic removal of CO in a hydrogen-rich stream for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC)
Honor Prize CHANWOO KIM Ph.D Robust Speech Recognition using a Small Power Boosting Algorithm
Honor Prize HYOJUN KIM Ph.D Overcoming the Performance Bottleneck of Flash Storage Technology
Honor Prize KYUNGHOON LEE Ph.D A 10b 120MS/s 45nm CMOS Pipeline ADC Using A Re-Configurable Three-Stage Switched Op-Amp
Honor Prize SANGHUN LEE Ph.D Cell-derived Nanovesicle-based Bioelectronic Nose Combined with Carbon Nanotube Transistor
Honor Prize JONGGUN LEE Ph.D Predicting the popularity of online contents based on user feedback information
Honor Prize HU JIN Ph.D Rate Selection Scheme for Multicast Service with Hybrid-ARQ
Honor Prize HEUNGJAE CHOI Ph.D Efficiency Enhancement of Feedforward Amplifiers by Employing a Negative Group Delay Circuit
Honor Prize HWIDONG KIM MS Controlled-growth of Straight, Coiled, and Sea Urchin-like Carbon Nanotubes on Bimetallic Nanoparticles
Honor Prize HEETAE ROH MS Joint relay node placement and node scheduling in wireless networks with a relay node with controllable mobility
Honor Prize SUNYEONG LEE MS A Novel Superlattice Band-gap Engineered (SBE) Capacitorless Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) Cell with Extremely Short Channel Length Down to 30 nm
Honor Prize SANGHO CHO MS Molecular Layer Deposition of High Performance Hybrid Films with Zinc and Polydiacetylene
Honor Prize JAEHYEON RYU Polynomial Regression Analysis to Solve Series Solution of Differential Equation
Honor Prize MOOYOUNG LEE A study on effective application of smart grid for ordinary school, science high school and expanded science high school(Green and Smart School Project).
Honor Prize HYUNJIN JEON Curcumin Extends Lifespan and Improves Stress Resistance in Drosophila melanogaster
Honor Prize SONGHYUN JUNG Making artificial, eco-friendly fertilizer by analyzing excrement of earthworm
Honor Prize DONGWOO JOO Analysis of Energy Efficiency in Case of Reusing Reflected Radiation from the Wall
Honor Prize JOOHYUNG HAN The extent of odor pollution and its temporal changes in an urban sewage drain system with respect to reduced sulfur compounds