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Winning Papers
Name School major Field Degree Title
Kim, Sung Deuk KAIST Electrical Eng. Signal Processing Part Graduate Efficient DCT-Domain Pre-filtering inside a Video Encoder
Kim, Jae Kwan KAIST Electrical Eng. Semiconductor Device Part Graduate A New Uncooled Thermal IR Detector Using Silicon Diode -Micromachined Isolated Silicon Diode for IR Detection (MISIR)
Kim, Hyun Deok KAIST Electrical Eng. Communications Part Graduate A low-cost light source for WDM-PON with a Fabry-Perot semiconductor laser
Bahn, Hyo kyung Seoul National Univ. Computer Science Computer System Part Graduate An Efficient and Adaptive Caching Algorithm for Various WWW Environments
Han, Woo Sup KAIST Mechanical Eng. Instrumentation and Control Part Graduate Design and Control of a PM type Synchronous Magnetically Levitated Motor with Axial Flux
Yoon, Suk in Inha Univ. Electrical Material Eng. Semiconductor Material & Processing Part Under graduate 3D Modeling and Simulation for Extracting Capacitances in the Stackted DRAM Cell Structure
Kwon, Dae Hoon Dongguk Univ. Semi- conductor Science VLSI Circuits Design Part Under graduate A 3V 8-bit 200MSPS CMOS Folding/Interpolation ADC with a Novel Dynamic Latch and Digital Encoder
Lee, Su In KAIST Electrical Eng. Computer Technology Part Under graduate Noise Robust Character Recognition System Based on Neural Network