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How to Submit

A. Any undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in domestic or overseas universities who are capable of writing a pure or applied technical thesis related to engineering (No restriction on majors; 2009 students also eligible)
B. Any paper that has not been published before December 7, 2009.

(only for technical thesis)
Accepted Applying Fields
applying fields detailed fields
Signal Processing AV Audio/Video/Image/Speech: Coding, Analysis, Retrieval, Computer Vision & Graphics
Streaming, Authentication & Watermarking
M/M Systems Architecture, Design & Tools
Natural Language Processing, Pattern Recognition, Speech Recognition
DSP, Graphic Processor
Circuit Design RF/Microwave RRF/Microwave circuits, components, and systems
Analog circuits power IC, driver IC, amplifiers, filters, LDO
Digital circuits Wcontrollers, multimedia processors, memory, logic circuits
Mixed signal circuits data converters, clock synthesizers, imagers, wired communication
Communication &
Transceiver Technologies Modulation, Demodulation, Channel Coding, Multiplexing, Multiple Access, Diversity, Signal Enhancement, Channel Model
Communication Protocols Data Link Layer, Network Layer, Transport Layer, Application Layer
Next Generation Systems Mobile Systems & Convergence Networks over All-IP
Implementation Communication Systems on Chip,Network/Communication Processor
Computer Science&Computer Engineering Computer Systems Computer Architecture, Real-time/Embedded Systems, Parallel/Distributed Systems
Computer System Software Operating Systems, Database Systems, (Web-based) Information Systems
Theory & Modeling Theory & Modeling: Algorithms, Security, Programming Languages/Compiler, Performance Evaluation& Modeling
Computer Applications Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction, Virtual Reality
Others Software Engineering, etc.
Mechanical Engineering Control & Robotics Control, Robots, Automation
Mechanical Analysis Dynamics, Vibration, Acoustics, Fluid/Gas Dynamics, Thermodynamics, HVAC, etc.
Mechanical Design Mechanical Design, CAD/CAE/CAM, Optimization, etc
Solid Mechanics and Reliability Solid Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Reliability, etc.
Manufacturing Technology Surface Mounting Technology, Metallic Moulding, Logistic Systems, Inspection, Manufacturing Equipments
Material Science & Process Advanced Materials Metal,Ceramics, Polymer, Composite Material, Material Processing, Material Properties Electrical and Optical Material Analysis technology
Photo & Etch Process Beam Technology, Lithography, Resist, and other Patterning Technology Plasma Ion and Dry Etch Process & Nanofabrication Technology.
Cleaning & CMP Process Thin Film Science & Process Chemical Mechanical Planarization, Cleaning Technology - Diffusion Process & Low-k /High-k Dielectric Film, Metallization Process Packaging Technology
Surface Science & Process Surface Treatment Process, Epitaxy, SOI, Shallow Junction Process
Nano & Emerging Technology Nano Particles and Molecule Technology
Physical Devices & Science Si & Compound Semiconductor including novel MOS devices, power devices, sensor
Nano Devices including carbon nano devices, bio/molecular devices,
Display Devices including LCD, PDP, Field Emission displays, organic/inorganic EL
Optoelectronic Devices including LED, lasers, etc.
Basic Science Physics, Mathematics
Energy & Environment Battery & Energy Technology Fuel Cell, Li 2nd Battery, Solar Cell, Energy material design, Hydrogen Storage Materials
Environment Technology Water treatment, Waste treatment
Bio Engineering & Life Science Biological Science Biochemistry, Cell biology, Physiology, Molecular genetics, Immunology, Microbial ecology
Biomedical Engineering Biomedical sensor/sensor network, neural recording, implanable microsystems, ultra-low-power biomedical circuits, electrical MEMS devices
  Medical imaging,Bioinformatics & health-care