Shooting Star

Design Concept
A comet is a very attractive and mysterious object. It also symbolizes speed, energy, brightness and power. There is nothing more suitable than a comet to symbolize a calm yet dynamic figure that produces fascinating research results with exceptional creativity and commitment to research and development.

Introduction of the designer GIORGETTO GIUGIARO

  • Nationality : Italy
  • Artistic Orientation : World's renown automobile. designer President of ITAL Design who eads the fashion of world in. automobile design Skill.
  • Driven design based on aerodynamic principles and human. technology grafted together
  • disciplined moulding touch from. pure art and sculpture design to synthesize practica. yet futuristic and arts.
  • Major Experience : Established ITAL design(1968).

Victory Tower

Design Concept
Tower symbolizes the distinguished research achievement that has accumulated through rigorous efforts over the years.

Introduction of the designer GIORGETTO GIUGIARO

  • Nationality : Republic of Korea
  • Artistic Orientation : The Bull Award of Environment Design of Kunkook University, Taejun EXPO Exposition Hall of North Korea Interior Design and Light Design of the Gaya Arts,and Science at the National Central Museum Light Instrument Design of Education Hall at the So Mang Church