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This page offers just a glimpse of
the many ways that Samsung acts as a responsible citizen

Social Welfare

Samsung lends support to people and their communities in many different ways. Our current area of focus is on investing in teenagers' futures, through support of science education and creative thinking that encourages leadership; assisting children in low-income families by supporting educational infrastructure, and discovering and supporting outstanding students; and supporting programs that encourage family well-being. We also carry out programs in these areas at each of our eight volunteer centers.

Culture and Arts

Samsung provides support for diverse artistic and cultural activities around the world. Over the years, Samsung has contributed extensively to numerous museums, galleries and exhibits in Korea and in many countries, including the United States and France. The Samsung Museum of Modern Art collects preserves and exhibits modern and contemporary art from Korea and abroad, while the Samsung Children's Museum, the first of its kind in Korea, invites children have fun exploring the world they live in. Samsung also hosts and supports various cultural events for children and programs that encourage their early artistic development.

Volunteer Services

In 1995, Samsung launched the Social Contribution Corps to encourage employees to get involved in community service. The initiative has since expanded to eight volunteer centers across Korea, manned by social welfare experts who support the development of employee volunteer programs. Our employees use their expertise and skills to give back to local communities, and each employee donates an average of 10 hours to community-based projects.

Academics and Education

Strengthening the minds and fostering the creativity of young people is a primary focus of many of Samsung's programs. Samsung is a major supporter of the Korea Youth Science Olympiad, the country's most prestigious science competition for elementary, middle and high schools and the National Students Creativity Olympiad, aimed at encouraging inventiveness among students from elementary to high school levels. Since 2001, Samsung has teamed up with the Green Family Movement Association to run a "green school", which promotes environmental awareness in children and enables them to take practical steps to protect our ecosystems.