Samsung is helping to make a difference by partnering with ENERGY STAR® and offering a variety of electronics and appliance products that meet its stringent specifications. The Samsung products sold last year saved our customers over $50 million in energy costs while preventing over 600 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. Just replacing the electronics in your home with ENERGY STAR models will save you more than $200* over the lifetime of these products.

Here are some smart ENERGY STAR tips and tricks to help you make a difference every day.

Office Equipment
1. Want to lower utility bills, save energy, help reduce global warming and lower utility bills? Then look for ENERGY STAR certified office equipment.

2. Power your savings. Computers that meet ENERGY STAR criteria use up to 60 percent less energy when power management is enabled.

3. Did you know that ENERGY STAR qualified fax machines, printers, and scanners are about 15% more energy efficient? You do now.

4. Talk about one for all: a multi-function device uses less energy than operating a separate fax machine, printer and scanner.

5. Plug all your office equipment into power strips. This makes it easier to turn them all off when not in use. It also eliminates standby power consumption. Why pay for electricity you're not even using.

6. Unplug cell phones and laptops once they are charged, along with the battery chargers or power adapters.

7. Print on both sides of the paper to reduce paper costs and save the trees that purify our air.

8. Save even more on paper and energy by emailing information instead of printing multiple copies for everyone in the office.

9. Put to rest your monitor's screensaver. Let it switch to sleep mode or just turn it off when you're away from your computer. Oh, and turn on your monitor's power management feature while you're at it.

10. Recycle your old computer. Visit to learn how.

11. Donate old electronics that you'd otherwise throw away to schools or organizations.

See how to make your office even greener 

Home Electronics
1. In the market for a TV, DVD player, or stereo? The ones that use less energy and help fight global warming without sacrificing performance or quality carry the ENERGY STAR label.

2. See the same star power on TV with less power. ENERGY STAR certified TVs use up to 30% less power than conventional models.

3. Another way to dial down energy costs – reducing the brightness of a TV set cuts its power use by as much as 25%.

4. Many TVs use energy when off and in standby mode. Don't stand by and let this happen. Choose ENERGY STAR TVs to save energy when "on" and "off."

5. You use one remote for your TV, DVD player and stereo, use one power strip as well. Turn it off when not in use and eliminate standby power consumption.

6. Think inside the box to save more on energy costs. New cable, satellite, and telecom set-top boxes that carry the ENERGY STAR are at least 30% more efficient than conventional models.

7. Can a cordless phone be ENERGY STAR compliant? Yes, and it can be 58% more efficient than a standard model. Look for one with switch-mode power supplies and a "smart" charger for added energy savings.

See how to make your home even greener 

1. Redo your kitchen with ENERGY STAR compliant appliances and you can save $70 a year. You'll also be able to afford to eat out a little more often.

2. What's inside an ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator? How about 20% more energy efficiency than the minimum federal standard. It even uses less energy than a 60-watt light bulb run continuously.

3. Time to clear the air. A typical room air cleaner, operating continuously, uses about 60% more than the electricity used by a new refrigerator! You know what label to look for.

4. Let's dish the dirt about dishwashers. ENERGY STAR rated dishwashers are on average 10% more energy efficient than non-qualified models.

5. Turn the faucet off and put down that dish detergent. Washing dishes by hand uses more water than using a dishwasher. Save even more water by scraping dishes instead of rinsing before loading them into the dishwasher.

6. No dirty laundry to air here. ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers and driers reduce energy usage by about 30% and water consumption by over 50% compared to regular washers. Save about $50 annually on your utility bills.

7. Save money and your clothes by washing them with cold water! Much of the energy used in washing is for heating water.

8. Load up on savings. Save energy by running your dish and clothes washers only with full loads.

9. Dehumidifiers can take moisture out of the air and money out of your wallet. ENERGY STAR compliant models will actually save you more than $20 a year and over $230 over its lifespan.

1. Go Green! Combine car trips, carpool, use mass transit, walk or bike if possible.

2. Turn off lights, AC, and electronics before leaving work for the holiday weekend. Set your water heater to Vacation mode if it has one.

3. Planning a summer getaway? Look for hotels that have earned the ENERGY STAR.

4. When shopping, seek out concentrated products which use far less packaging.

5. Save paper and reduce waste by using cloth napkins and towels in the kitchen.

6. Take the ENERGY STAR Pledge to save energy and help fight global warming!

*Based on the average number of electronics. According to the Consumer Electronics Association,
the average American household has three televisions, two DVD players or recorders, and one desktop computer.