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From the production process to the end of the product's life cycle, our focus on being green is unmistakable. We're reducing energy consumption, choosing more efficient transportation and offering customers a recycling program with over 200 fixed drop-off locations to safely dispose of their old electronics.

Design And Development
Samsung created an Eco-design evaluation system in 2004 to evaluate and improve the environmental quality of our products. There are three categories which include resource efficiency, environmental hazardousness, and energy efficiency.

As an Eco-partner, we manage hazardous substances in parts, raw materials and an environmental quality management system. We trained 650 internal auditors to evaluate the environmental quality system so that we can prevent environmental accidents and remove hazardous substances from our products. Parts that are not approved in the development and purchasing stages are not ordered or used.

Samsung's RECYCLING DIRECTSM makes it easy for you to dispose of your old electronics in a convenient and responsible way. With drop-off locations in 50 states and recycling events across the country, there's no reason why you shouldn't recycle the old when you purchase the new.

Learn more about Samsung RECYCLING DIRECTSM.

Green Partnerships
Samsung partners directly with respected take-back and recycling companies—we do not use a middleman. Our partners are responsible recyclers that do not incinerate, send to solid waste landfill, or export toxic waste (defined in a manner consistent with the commonly accepted definition of hazardous electronic waste) to developing countries.

Some other ways we promote being green are:
  Working with leading retailers to drive adoption of eco-friendly products
  Working with utilities to educate and reward consumers for their smarter energy choices
  Working with NGOs to drive positive green action
  Working with EPA and DoE to meet government standards
  SmartWay Transport
  Plug-in to eCycling
  Green Power

Energy Efficient Products
The majority of Samsung's HDTVs, monitors, mobile phones' power supplies, mobile computers, printers and home appliances meet the ENERGY STAR® specifications.
Consumer Electronic Products
(Televisions, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Home Theater and DVD)
  100% of 2009 HDTVs are ENERGY STAR V.3.0 qualified.
  100% LCD and PDP TVs exceed ENERGY STAR V.3.0 by more than 15% on average.
  100% LED TVs exceed ENERGY STAR V.3.0 by more than 50% on average.
  Samsung's ENERGY STAR-Compliant LED TVs are mercury free, and use 40% less power than similar size 2008 Samsung LCD TVs in standard mode.
  100% of HDTVs are ROHS compliant
  Slimmer HDTVs require less packaging, are lighter weights and therefore require less fuel during shipping.

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Mobile phones
  100% Samsung mobile phone EPS comply with California's Amended Appliance Efficiency Regulations effective from July 1st, 2008.
  100% of mobile phone power supplies are ENERGY STAR compliant

Home appliances
  100% Samsung dishwashers exceed ENERGY STAR specs by an average of 9.7%.
  100% Samsung clothes washers exceed ENERGY STAR specs by an average of 48%.

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IT products
(Printers, Monitors, Notebook PC)
  100% of all Samsung printer models meet the latest ENERGY STAR Imaging specification.
  100% of monitors are ENERGY STAR qualified and ROHS compliant, and EPEAT rated (Silver or higher).
  100% of notebooks are ENERGY STAR qualified and ROHS compliant, and EPEAT rated (Silver or higher).

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