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DHS First Source
To purchase Samsung products for DHS, please contact the following Contract Holders:

Government Acquisitions, Inc.
231 West Fourth Street
Suite 310
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Contract number: HSHQDC-07-D-00024
e-mail: firstsource@gov-acq.com

Contracts Manager
Michael Downard
phone: 513-721-8700 - x2120
fax: 513-721-3999
e-mail: michael.downard@gov-acq.com

Program Manager
Ashley Lehman
phone: 513-721-8700 - x2102
fax: 513-721-3999
e-mail: ashley.lehman@gov-acq.com
15707 Rockfield Blvd
Suite 305
Irvine, CA 92618
Contract number: HSHQDC-07-D-00025
e-mail: firstsource@govplace.com

Contracts Manager
Adrianne Angle
phone: 949-297-4000 x1136
fax: 949-297-4004
e-mail: aangle@govplace.com

Program Manager
Fadi Jarrar
phone: 949-297-4000 x1123
fax: 949-297-4004
e-mail: fjarrar@govplace.com