New York State
Recycling Information for all consumers

For New York State only, Samsung will accept our own brands of electronic waste, but also one piece of electronic waste of any manufacturer’s brand with the purchase of covered electronic equipment of the same type by a consumer.

Consumer –a person located in the state who owns or uses covered electronic equipment, including but not limited to an individual, a business, corporation, limited partnership, not-for-profit corporation, the state, a public corporation, public school, school district, private or parochial school or board of cooperative educational services or governmental entity, but does not include an entity involved in a wholesale transaction between a distributor and retailer.*

Business consumer – a for-profit entity which has fifty or more full time employees or a not-for-profit corporation with seventy-five or more full time employees, but not a not-for-profit corporation designated under section 501 (c)(3) of the internal revenue code. *

  Collection Options Description/Link
1 Fixed Collection Locations See locations
Currently, more locations are being developed in the state of New York.
2 Collection Events The events will be announced on the SRD website prior to the events. Please check periodically.
3 Mailback Program

*Exception: OEMTakeback will accept all branded covered electronic equipment for residents in New York State. Please disregard the statement that notes Samsung only products on the OEMTakeback website.

Samsung will operate the mail back program as part of our pilot study in 2011 for improved convenience possibilities going forward.

A zip code is inputted on the label which indicates where the product is being shipped from.

Please refer to the United States Postal Service website to find the nearest post office for drop off.

There will be no cost charged to consumers, meanwhile a fee may be charged to business consumers.

Data Security
Samsung Direct Recycling partners are required to destroy all data from hard drives. However, it is good practice by the consumer to additionally take steps to destroy old personal data from hard drives prior to surrendering such products to any recycle stream. There are a variety of products available for destroying old data on the hard drive for different operating systems; but it is up to the consumer to decide what is right for them.

*all definitions are excerpts from New York’s Environment Conservation Law Article 27 Title 26: Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse