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At Samsung Electronics, all of our advertising activities are designed to provide the public with accurate information on who we are and what we make through fair and high-quality advertisements, thus helping customers with their buying decisions.

worldwide media and potential customers, we recognize that creating a good image through mass media is as important as innovative products. We also are highly aware of the fact that delivering overall company and product information accurately to shareholders is significant for their investment decisions. Since we understand that a ripple effect is part of the advertising process, we are attentive to every detail, from meticulous planning to the final release on media. In a broad sense, Samsung Electronics’ advertisement is centered on the empowerment of corporate brand identity and product. In Korea, the PR team at the Seoul Headquarters is in charge of the PR functions, where as each business unit°Øs marketing team is in charge of the product advertisements.
The same principle lies at overseas subsidiaries and branches pursuant to Samsung Electronics’ ethical guidelines and global marketing strategies.

Most advertising made for Korean consumers is outsourced to advertising agencies. In these cases, the TV advertisement is released on media after careful examination by the organizations of advertisement consultation to make sure that the ad meets legal and moral concerns. For printed advertisements, the in-house committee conducts an examination with ethical code after their public release. With production made for overseas consumers, overseas subsidiaries and branches carry out advertising activities mostly related with product advertisements and firmly abide by the laws, regulations and moral concerns of the country in which they operate.