product environment performance


Samsung Electronics makes an effort to develop environment-friendly product that minimizing an impact to environment through whole process from getting raw materials, production, transportation, usage and end-of-life disposal by adding 'environment' on function, price, quality, design that were the essence for product development.

For this process, we takes a responsibility for whole process through LCA and recycle evaluation and by operating recycling center for dealing with an efficient treatment of the waste product.

case of Eco-product's development

application of environment-friendly packaging material for PDP-TV

Packaging material of 42inch PDP-TV is the first case that is considered from product design to packaging design in order to maximize delivery efficiency. Basically, the packaging volume decreased by changing external appearance of product. Accordingly, it helps to reduce packaging quantity and to improve delivery efficiency and so on. CAE and G-factor are added measurement to reduce trial and error for package development. It meet reliability test standard and one of the most slim packaging for 42inch PDP-TV in the world.

development of
folding stand [ PDP TV ]
[ Idea for package
material reduction
and cost saving ]
Fold the stand as following picture at packaging time for minimize its depth and unfold the stand when TV is installed.
Before folding the stand
[ Before folding the stand ]
After folding the stand
[ After folding the stand ]
exterior size of
Halved its depth of previous model.
(Previous : 455mm , Improved : 228mm)
Efficiency : It brings 66% cost reduction of distribution when the ship-
ment is from Korea to LA, U.S.A. thanks to the number of lightened TV
has risen from 104 to 312 in container with 40ft-HC loaded weight.
Comparison of external package size reduction
[ Comparison of external package size reduction ]
cushion volume The weight of 503g of cushion reduced in comparison to the previous
one. (Previous : 986g, Improved : 483g)
Improved model  Previous model [ Case 1 ]
Improved model Previous model
[ Case 1 ]
Improved model  Previous model [ Case 2 ]
Improved model Previous model
[ Case 2 ]
cardboard usage
0.9775m2 of corrugated cardboard usage is reduced based on
outer box.
Before/After (Corrugated cardboard usage)
[ Before/After (Corrugated cardboard usage) ]