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Samsung Electronics makes an effort to develop environment-friendly product that minimizing an impact to environment through whole process from getting raw materials, production, transportation, usage and end-of-life disposal by adding 'environment' on function, price, quality, design that were the essence for product development.

For this process, we takes a responsibility for whole process through LCA and recycle evaluation and by operating recycling center for dealing with an efficient treatment of the waste product.

Eco-partner certification program

Preparing for EU RoHS effected from July, 2006, we have taken Eco-partner policy since May, 2004 in order to manage hazardous substances in parts, raw materials that consist of product, and make environmental quality management system of cooperating company. We trained internal auditors about 650 people in and out the country. Evaluated the environmental quality system and trained as well for all cooperating companies globally.

The Eco-partner certification for all cooperating companies was completed in July, 2005 by encouraging active participation and cooperation from suppliers as to build a Data Base of hazardous substances for all parts that we use and evaluate the Environment Quality System (EQS) of suppliers and tested all parts by XRF equipment as well.

Through Eco-partner certification program, we expand an activity to prevent possible environmental accident as well as to remove a hazardous substance from our products such as hazardous material management as of whole supply chain, incoming inspection, monitoring part test and improving a risky parts.

Eco-partner Certification Program

Eco-partner Certification Program