social performance


At Samsung Electronics, with our employee-first approach to personnel management, we continue to improve performance based incentives and welfare programs in order to motivate our employees to perform to their utmost in a pleasant, healthy, and safe working environment.

employee status
female ratio

As of December 2005, female employees made up 38% of the personnel. This percentage has shown upward growth each year. In addition, each year there were more female employees who majored in science and technology, and in management. Female representation in these areas is also expected to continue to grow. To help support their needs, the Company opened the Women’s Counseling Center in January 2001. The center systematically provides services geared to the needs of female employees, such as eliminating sex disadvantages, and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

classification personnel's
Korea 80,500
North America 7,300
Europe 5,300
China 21,700
Southeast Asia 7,100
Japan 500
classification personnel's
CIS 600
East Asia 300
Latin America 1,800
Southwest Asia 2,600
Subsidiaries Korea 9,700

As of December 2005, the personnel who were involved in research and development at the headquarters of Samsung Electronics reached 34% and 47%, if those involved in technology are included. An additional 6% were involved in sales, marketing, and design.
Empowered by rich human resources in R&D and marketing, Samsung Electronics is transforming itself into a marketing oriented company of the new economy from its conventional nufacturing-intensive operation.