social performance

for ideal workplace

Samsung Electronics tries to provide an ideal workplace where employees can take great pride in their work and put their trust in management; a workplace where they are bolstered as their ambition is fulfilled and rewarded.
The Labor-Management Council works for employee welfare in line with solidifying the Company’s growth foundation. The Ombudsman Committee, Women’s Counseling Center, and other in-house organizations provide diversified solutions for personal or occupational matters.

labor-management council
The council promotes mutual understanding and cooperation between labor and management for productivity improvement, ultimately aiming at a win win situation for both the Company and employees. It is formed with labor representatives elected by employees and management represen-
tatives consisted of the CEO and those who were entrusted by the CEO. Requiring attendance of at least half of both labor and management sides and with a majority vote, the council holds periodic regular meetings, as well as emergency meetings whenever necessary.
labor-management meeting
[ labor-management meeting ]

The labor and management representatives find optimal solutions for improving productivity, working conditions, employee health, personnel and wage system, processing lines and operational procedures, and employee welfare benefits.
They also deal with performance-based rewards, employee reeducation, labor dispute prevention, ombudsman services, and other matters requiring labor-management cooperation. Matters related to the Company-wide managerial plan, business performance, production plan and turnover, personnel management and financial statements are reported periodically to the council. The result of each council meeting is released promptly to the employees.

ombudsman committee and the open counseling center

The Ombudsman Committee provides solutions for employees dealing with work related problems. Thus, employees can confidently concentrate on their tasks. When ombudsman was reported the grievance from a employee, it is supposed to report the results to the employee.
As demands for counsel of female workers and employees increase, Samsung Electronics has established and operated ‘Women counseling center’ at the plant since 2001, however, the psychology counsel and the test drew interests and reflections from male employees as well as female employees and the counsel center has been operating with the changed title since 2005.
The open counseling center which composed of professional counselors receives diverse opinions and grievance from employees and manages it. In addition, they are in charge of competence development of women such as utilization method of women, maternity protection, seeking the discriminatory factor against women improving, preventing sexual harassment in the working place.

counseling in the open counseling center
[ counseling in the open counseling center ]

employee satisfaction index through GWP

To heighten the satisfaction of employees, Samsung Electronics has carried out a Great Workplace (GWP) campaign since 1998. The GWP encompasses diversified activities that can enhance trust between management and labor, employee pride in their workplaces, and enjoyable and close relationships among colleagues.

Employee Satisfaction Index through GWP
Ggok ji jeom dance
[ Ggok ji jeom dance ]
security system at digital research center
[ security system at digital research center ]
security system

To prevent the outflow of corporate assets, most offices and conference rooms in Samsung Electronics are equipped with wireless/wiretap detection devices for monitoring 24/7. Further, computer anti- hacking programs prevent an illegal outflow of information and knowledge assets 24/7.
More importantly, since the best protection of information and knowledge relies on employee awareness, all employees take a training program on information and knowledge protection at the time of employment. All employees sign a written pledge to protect in-house information. When employees carry out significant projects, they write a pledge beforehand promising to maintain confidentiality. Retiring employees also write a pledge promising not to expose in-house information acquired during employment. At the same time, the Company set up Eight Security Rules for Information Safeguarding, and all employees strictly follow the rules during their work tasks.

For the 1st time in the world’s semiconductor industry and for the 1st time of domestic manufacturing industry, acquiring ISO17799/BS7799 certification.
[ for the 1st time in the world’s
semiconductor industry and for the 1st
time of domestic manufacturing industry,
acquiring SO17799/BS7799 certification.]
Procedures related to security, Introduction of information
[ Procedures related to security,
Introduction of information ]