social performance

global communities

Samsung Electronics’ efforts in providing social services in global communities have significantly contributed to socio-cultural and educational advancement in those regions. Samsung’s performance, which has abided by ethics and environmental concerns, has been recognized by various awards and certificates.

influence in global communities

Sharing with the community, employees, and customers through co-prosperity is the steadfast philosophy of Samsung Electronics. All Samsung Electronics employees, in the headquarters, five units, and overseas subsidiaries and branches, put efforts to achieve a winwin situation in many aspects, not only for economic growth but also for socio-cultural and educational advancement.

a company trying to raise the shareholder’s value

Samsung Electronics recognizes ‘maximizing the shareholders’ value through enhancing the company value’ as the ultimate goal of IR activities.
To achieve the goal, we focus on ‘interactive communication between investors and the management’ in order to understand investors’ needs in advance and provide necessary information in a timely manner, and deliver instant feedback of investors to the management. Our broad ranges of efforts are highly recognized by rating agencies and the press at home and abroad, winning various awards related to improvement of shareholders’ value from world-renowned institutions.

the awarding institute date contents
Asia Money Magazine 2003. 1 Best Managed Company in Korea
The Asset Magazine 2003. 2 Best Corporate Governance in Korea, 2002
IR Magazine 2003. 4 Korean Best Managed Company, Best Corporate Governance in Korea, Best IR in Korea,Most Committed to Shareholder Value in Korea, Best Financial Management in Korea
Euromoney Magazine 2003. 9 Ranked 2nd in the 500 Enterprises in Emerging Market of Corporate Governance
The Asset Magazine 2003. 11 Best Corporate Governance in Korea,
IR Magazine 2003. 11 Best IR By a Korean Company : Ranked 1st
Korea Association for CFOs 2003. 11 Best CFO in Korea
Finance Asia Magazine 2004. 4 Korean Best Managed Company, Best Corporate Governance in Korea, Best IR in Korea, Best Financial Management in Korea, Best IRO in Korea
IR Magazine 2004. 6 Best Asia-Pacific IR in the UK Market
The Korea Economic Daily 2004. 11 Best IR, Conglomerate Sector in 2004
Asia Money 2004. 12 Best Managed Company in Korea, Best CFO & IRO in Korea, Best CG in Korea
The Asset 2005. 3 Best Corporate Governance in Korea
Finance Asia 2006. 5 Korean Best Managed Company, Best IR in Korea, Best CFO in Korea
IR Magazine 2005. 3 Best IR by an Asia-Pacific company in the US market
CFO Asia 2006. 1 Most Committed to Shareholder Value (Asia ex Japan)
Institutional Investor 2005.11 Best IR in Korea (Buy-side View) Best IR, Ranked 1st in Technology Hardware Sector