environment performance

green management composition

Samsung Electronics takes coexistence and mutual prosperity with society is essence of survival of corporation in society, and strives to be a contributive company for human society. Particularly, we promote Greening of Management, product, process, workplace and communities by performing the Green Management valuing an environment, safety and health. Samsung Electronics will make a better life enables people to live more convenient and valuable life.

Samsung Electronics declared guideline for our environment in 1992 for preservation of the globe and prosperous human life, and promotes the activity integrating the concept of environment·safety·health·disaster prevention related green management after launching the Green Management in May, 1996.

Green Management has 5 concepts, the greening of Management, the greening of Product, the greening of Process, the greening of Workplace, the greening of Communities.

the greening of management

It takes environment·health·safety as a core factor in management of the company for sustainable development, constructs advanced environment·health·safety system, makes a strategy and proposes a method of performing for the greening of product, process, workplace, and local communities

  • Expanding a global standard certificate such as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
  • Promoting an efficient work by adopting a Green Management Information System (GMIS)
  • Building and settling down of environmental accounting, evaluation system of environmental accomplishment by the year of 2007.

the greening of product

It is to minimize environmental impact and to make environment friendly product considering the whole process through production, product usage and end-of-life disposal. By using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and eco-design software, we put our effort to develop environment-friendly product.

  • Developing an environment-friendly products by driving eco-design and LCA
  • Structuring an environment supply chain management and plan for hazardous substances regulation
  • Expanding a process capability of waste product and plan for EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility).

the greening of process

It improves a process or facility, develops diverse green technology including alternative raw material, minimizes scrapped materials through managing contaminated materials, maximizes energy efficiency, and etc.

  • Minimize toxic material discharge expanding a waste resource collection and reuse of waste water
  • Take root of an environmental problems by applying clean producing technology
  • Consider energy efficiency by collecting waste heat and managing each energy source unit

the greening of workplace

It is to materialize non-pollution, non-disease, non-accident in the workplace. Diverse activities are performed in every complex and plant such as pollution prevention activity, checking the basic facility for environment, and fire prevention through automatic monitoring network of environment. Plus, instruction of working ability improvement is performed to make the workplace has spontaneous environment and safety activity.