social performance

open-to-all opportunities and human rights

Samsung Electronics is an equal opportunity employer for men and women, and the disabled. Opportunities are open to all those who seek them. Our policy is that everyone is equal and deserves fair wages and working conditions, which we provide from the time of recruitment to retirement.

principles for equal opportunities

In 1995, we stopped requiring a photo attachment on resumes and indicating gender on job applications. We operate a daycare center for working mothers, and allow them to take temporary leave in case of a childcare problem. We were the first among private companies in Korea to open a Women’s Counseling Center in each of our nine units. Professional counselors provide female employees a gamut of services, including ombudsman services, sexual harassment prevention, women resources development and utilization, and etc. Pay differential by sex and job rank is completely eliminated in the continually improved wage system. In the past 2yrs, 329 female employees have been promoted to a section chief manager. Today, 860 female employees work in a management position and 1,900 as an assistant manager. The assurance of equality in promotion and treatment allows female employees to fully showcase their abilities. At the same time, the Company has continued to invest in female employees to help them turn their potential into job competence. In each of the past three years, more than 22,000 female employees participated in reeducation programs, and the investment in their and totaled one billion Korean Won, the same amount as that for male employees. In addition, the Company has fostered overseas women specialists, while offering a Women's Leadership Course and other training programs for female employees to help them become more active in the digital-led new Economy.

mugunghwa electronics exclusively for the disabled

In 1994, to promote employment exclusively for the Disabled, Samsung Electronics established Mugunghwa Electronics, the first of its kind in Korea. With an Investment of 23.4 billion Korean Won, Mugunghwa Electronics was constructed on a land area of 13,744m2. Starting with one production line for wired phones, its production lines have continued to expand. Today, it produces small-sized vacuum cleaners, cell-phone battery chargers, printed circuit boards, and other electronic parts. The production lines and operational processes are all designed so the disabled can work in comfortable conditions. Its dormitory offers rooms to 100 disabled people, and doors, corridors, ramps, and other convenience facilities were designed for easy movement.

protection for human rights

As part of human rights concerns, the in-house regulations strictly stipulate that “the Company may not compel employees to perform work against their will by unlawful means, including violence, threat, confinement, or mental and physical restraints.” Further, when extended work on workdays and weekends is needed, labor and management must negotiate it beforehand. The in-house regulations prohibit the use of violence in the event of employee mistakes, careless accidents, or under any other circumstances. To encourage young people to be attentive to their studies, Samsung Electronics never hires under-aged employees as prescribed in labor-related laws. The inhouse regulations to protect young employees who are legally eligible to work with adequate protection for their health and safety, restrictions for the number of hours worked both day and night, and etc.