environment performance

the greening of management

Samsung Electronics runs Environment and Safety committee in order to implement Green Management. Plus, we hardened the ground for sustainable development by building an international level of environment and safety system such as Green Management Information system and introduction of Environmental Accounting.

organization of green management

Samsung Electronics reflects industry’s opinion to make a policy, analyzes and participates international issue of environment and safety, supports to develop environment friendly products. Through a study of environment and safety policy, consultation, and partnership with private environment group, we leads the industry of environment and safety.

Samsung Electronics makes a long-term and specific purpose to promote the Green Management by composing a ‘Environment and Safety Committee of Samsung Electronics’ of which head is every top executive of the workplace. The committee regularly evaluates its accomplishment and continuously make it improved.

Environment and Safety Office composed of experts from each department runs a Committee of Practical Works as of environment and safety under Environment and Safety committee of Samsung Electronics. It takes a spiral role of greening of management.

environment and safety committee of Samsung Electronics

  • Deliberate and make a decision of environment and safety plan and strategy
  • Support to produce environment-friendly products
  • Evaluate Green Management program accomplishment and promote the sustainable development.
  • Environment and safety check under participation of executives

environment and safety office

  • Establish environment and safety plan and strategy
  • Analyze and cope with the trends of environment and safety in and out the country
  • Promote a development of environment-friendly product
  • Share a excellent case of Green Management and promote a common work through the company

committee of green management at every workplace

  • Encourage implementation of Green Management program and review its result under the participation of a representative of employees and executives putting head of the workplace in main position
  • Settle down a major problem related environment and safety
  • Share a excellent case of Green Management and promote the sustainable development